8 School Summer Holiday Bedroom Makeover Ideas for Kids

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Looking for inspiration for your child’s bedroom make over this summer?

We have put together 8 different styles to get the ideas flowing, and help you create the perfect bedroom for your child – from toddlers to teenagers.

With a few small changes you can make your kid’s bedroom look so inviting and warm that your little one wants to spend every night there, and create a gorgeous space for your child to spend their days playing all summer long.

child bedroom decor inspiration

Make a statement with a bold color palette or pattern, or keep it classy with a minimal yet playful look – either way, you can find something that’s perfect for your child.

If you want to spruce up your kid’s bedroom this summer but don’t know where to begin, look no further. We’ve curated some inspiring room makeovers to give you ideas for how to make a room that’s warm and cozy without being boring.

Create a Playful Space

For young children, the bedroom is not only a place to sleep it can also be a valuable space for play.

By sticking to a single bed, you allow the most room for play and movement in the room.

blue child's bedroom with a swing

For an extra wow factor, consider adding features like a swing, play tent or even a hammock.

bedroom with a play tent

But make sure the bed you choose is high quality and comfortable, so that your kiddos can’t resist falling asleep and getting a good night’s sleep after all that playing.

child bedroom with jungle hammock

A house bed is a gorgeous way to incorporate a playful feel even in a smaller space. These beds have been popular over the past few years, and for good reason.

house bed for toddler
Birlea House 3FT Single Wooden Bed Frame from Bedstar

Stay Contemporary with Monochrome

Black and white is a super striking color scheme that works well for both girls and boys and for kids of all ages.

You can create a gorgeous minimalist monochrome nursery for your baby, or a stylish and mature monochrome pad for your tween or teen.

monochrome bedroom for kids

To soften up the look, go with greys as an alternative to just black and white.

We love the mountain wall feature on this one.

monochrome grey mountain bedroom for children

Add a Pop of Color

Mix it up by adding pops of your chosen accent color.

This is a really easy way to change the look of a whole bedroom just by changing up some of the accessories, for example the duvet covers or cushions, storage boxes or wall clocks.

You may already have a good quality bed that will last for years, so you don’t need to change up the furniture, but your child still fancies a change? Then this is a great way to achieve that.

kids pop of color yellow bedroom

You can add just one powerful feature color like yellow, or choose a color palette to inject into the room, to contrast with simple white walls for an effective result.

white and rainbow unicorn kids bedroom

I love this combination of blues and turquoises to create a calming relaxing space for your child to unwind.

relaxing blue turquoise kids bedroom

Or you can add all of the colors of the rainbow. Pairing this with white walls and minimalist lines keeps the look from becoming overwhelming or chaotic, and this can grow with your child from toddlerhood up to teenage.

kids rainbow bedroom

Evolve into a More Grown Up Space

If your child has finished primary school and will be moving up to high school, now could be a great time to upgrade your child to a small double bed or redecorate their bedroom for a more mature or teenage look.

blue teenage bedroom

As kids grow, it may be time to remove the crazy colors or character bedding, and create a chilled space that they will feel comfortable bringing their friends as they evolve into the teenage years.

Be sure to follow your child’s preferences and tastes, after all it is their space and this becomes even more precious to them as they hit their teens.

teenager bedroom ideas

Bring the Outdoors In

Leafy green decor is popular at the moment for all areas of the house.

You can adapt this in a playful way for younger children’s bedrooms with a jungle theme, or a woodland theme depending on what type of animals they prefer.

jungle bedroom ideas

These colorful playful bedroom looks are bright and welcoming, and make the bedroom a super fun place to spend time.

woodland fox kids bedroom

For a more subtle nod to the outdoors, these bird curtains are a beautiful way of bringing in a touch of the forest, long with the cute little faux plants.

forest bird curtains

Pink Princess Paradise

For some children, their perfect bedroom needs to be pink, pink, pink!

If you have a little princess in your family who loves all things pink, candy, sparkly and sweet then let her bedroom reflect that in it’s decor.

pink bedroom

You can choose a subtle shade of pink for the walls so that it can be dressed up or down if her preferences change over the years, and add a royal touch with a bed canapé or even a carriage bed.

pink girls bedroom


princess bed
The Naples Bed Company Princess Carriage Single Bed at Bedstar

Make Sharing Fun

If your children share a room, it’s still very possible to add plenty of personality and chose a color scheme that suits both of them.

Using bunk beds allows more space to include desks for homework, and floor space to play

bunk beds

You can even choose a triple sleeper for three children sharing a room. This one is an excellent use of space!

triple sleeper bed
Julian Bowen Triple Bunk Bed – Surf White at Bed Star

Play with Patterns and Prints

Whether you choose a patterned wall paper, wall stickers or display framed prints on the walls, all of these are a great way to inject some color, personality and fun to your child’s bedrooms.

colorful print bedroom

Wall stickers and prints ate both so easy to change, meaning you can give the whole room a brand new theme effortlessly and on a budget.

This is a great way to keep the room up to date with your child’s ever changing interests, likes and dislikes.

stars bedroom

We love this striking moon print! Check out our moon and star nursery decor ideas post if you love out of this world bedroom decor for your kids.

moon print bedroom

More Playful Home Inspiration


We hope you enjoyed this collection of kids bedroom decor ideas, and are ready to give your child a bedroom makeover that they will love!

Please go ahead and pin your favorite images to your Pinterest account for inspiration and planning.

kids bedroom make over ideas

Thanks so much.

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