Wickey Outdoor Climbing Frame – Smart Candy Review

An outdoor climbing frame is a wonderful way to engage kids and give them some much needed physical activity.

It gives the little ones something to play on, even if there isn’t much space in their garden, and our new Wickey Smart Candy climbing frame has been a brilliant addition to our outside space.

wickey smart candy climbing frame

In this post we will share with you a little bit of our amazing experience with Wickey and the Smart Candy Climbing Frame.

Building your first wooden climbing frame can be a daunting task so we are going to share our experience with you to make your life easier.

It will take some work to put it together, but once it’s finished it is so worth it and will offer your child hours of entertainment for years to come.

If your children love playing on the climbing frames in parks and playgrounds, they’ll be so excited to have their own play frame in the back garden.

Our 5 year old girls both love the Wickey Smart Candy climbing frame, and it is so lovely to see them busy playing on it.

wickey smart candy climbing frame

Wickey has so many different designs to choose from that are sure to please everyone.

You can pick different attachments and choose colours for swings and the slides for example, according to yours and your child’s preference.

Adding a climbing frame makes it more fun to spend time in the garden with the kids. We definitely noticed the girls excited to spend more time outdoors after adding the Wickey climbing frame.

Our kids love climbing, swinging, and pretend play. The combination of the swings, slide, and play house at the top of the Smart Candy climbing frame means that they have a good variety of play activities all within the same piece of equipment.

A climbing frame is a fantastic way to promote exercise and healthy activity among young children, and is the perfect place for them to play and socialise together with their friends.

About Wickey

wickey smart candy climbing frame playhouse

With Wickey’s high-quality wooden climbing frames, play houses, swings, wooden sandpits as well as fun accessories, they bring the imaginative adventure playground directly to your child’s home!

The company Wickey was born in 2009 and since then Wickey have been growing steadily, selling climbing frames online throughout Europe and in recent years they have expanded their product range by offering even children’s beds.

Always keeping an eye on the latest trends, Wickey continuously develop new climbing frames, swings, sandpits and playhouses with a lot of creativity and imagination.

Wickey Smart Candy Measurements

The Wickey Smart Candy Climbing Frame is the perfect size for our garden, but always make sure to check the size and dimensions and make sure you pick a climbing frame that will work for your space.

There are some more compact climbing frames available if you need that, and some really big ones if you are lucky enough to have a large space.

My garden isn’t particularly on the larger size and this climbing frame fitted perfectly and I still have plenty of free space.

Here are the exact dimensions for the Wickey Smart Candy

Platform height(s)120 cm
Length446 cm
Width344 cm
Height265 cm
Installation area15,34 m²
Recommended quantity of sand260 kg at a filling level of 60 %
Series / Post thicknessWickey Smart Series / 7×7 cm
Swing beam9×9 cm
Length of slide220 cm
wickey smart candy climbing frame swings

The swings/crossbeams can be loaded with a maximum of 100 kg, and the standard swing seats for children can bear 50 kg. The maximum load for the individual platforms is 100 kg.

Smart Candy Climbing Frame Assembly Process

The climbing frame came with a very detailed instructions guide. All the information you need you can find there or take a look on their website, where they have some videos to help you along the process.

I had a family friend to assembly the structure for me. We had a bit of a delay because the weather was not ideal, but I believe that in the right conditions the assembly would have taken much less time.

My friend told me that someone with no experience would probably struggled putting it together, but he was very comfortable to do so.

Ideally, you should have two people to put the climbing frame together as in some parts you will need someone to hold something, while another one puts something into place and so on.

One thing I need to add is that when you choose your design online, be aware that the decoration parts do not come included.

The designs are great but you will have to do the cut outs yourself or have it done professionally somewhere, so be aware of that.

The colours will be based on the design you chose online but the actual cut outs are not previously done.

Fortunately I have a very crafty friend that helped me with all that and the end result is super cute.

But be aware of the potential extra cost if you want to achieve the exact same result you see online.

Wickey Smart Candy Climbing Frame Quality

wickey smart candy climbing frame ladders

For the playground equipment Wickey only uses quality products and ensure the best quality of wood, because our children’s safety is the number one priority.

Here are some specifications about Wickey’s manufacturing process:

  • Production in Germany
  • Robust and durable design
  • Planed and bevelled solid wood
  • Maintenance-free and high-quality premium product
  • Special two-piece safety cover caps
  • Safety-tested quality
  • Monitored production
  • Solid railings

No, you do not need to paint the wood, which is great news!

The wood used in their climbing frames is impregnated and therefore weatherproof.

wickey smart candy climbing frame

Wickey deliberately choses pressure-treated wood because of the many advantages compared to natural wood. The child- and environmentally friendly pressure-treated wood is also used in professional, public areas.

Below are some benefits of treated wood:

  • No tedious sanding and annual painting
  • Increases the life of the wood
  • Protects against weathering, rot, mildew and fungi
  • No expensive coating colour needed
  • Saves time, effort and money

Wickey Climbing Frame Delivery

I was surprised with the delivery process. The climbing frame came from Germany, where they manufacture their products and I wasn’t expecting it to reach us so fast.

wickey smart candy climbing frame slide

Also Wickey’s delivery tracking system is phenomenal! We knew exactly where the climbing frame was the entire time and they even called us to arrange a better time for delivery.

Because of the size of the climbing frame, they need to obviously know you will be available at the time of delivery and also that you are prepared to receive it.

For instance, they need specific details of how wide my street was and how close they could park to make the delivery as smooth as possible.

The climbing frame came completely dissembled and to my surprise, the packaging was surprisingly small for the size of the actual frame we ordered.

So if you do need to store it for a while before putting all the parts together know that it will not take much space in your garden.

It was pretty heavy though so once is put down, that’s where is going to stay until you are able to assemble it. So keep this in mind. The package is compact but pretty heavy.

What Age Group Is The Wickey Climbing Frame Suitable For?

wickey smart candy climbing frame upper level

This climbing frame is recommended for Kids aged 3+

Kids of this age can safely use this climbing frame and they will absolutely love it and enjoy it for years to come!

Younger toddlers can also use some parts of the climbing frame, with supervision.

Even our older boys of 10-12 will still use the garden climbing frames, so when you buy this type of climbing frame for your toddler or young preschooler, it can see them through their whole childhood.

Which one to choose

Wickey has a vast range of products and you can personalise your product to your child’s taste and preference.

From the colour of the slide and swings to extra accessories they cater for everyone!

Their moto is “Create your own adventure” and that is absolutely what they offer and what you will get!


Needless to say the kids absolutely love this climbing frame. My daughter loves the swing and slide set the most and her and her friends have so much fun together.

My daughter is as active as they come and as soon as she comes home from school she rushes to the back door to the garden and goes straight to the climbing frame.

wickey smart candy climbing frame

Wickey’s customer service has been exceptional and they were always proactive with not only technical information but also with any tips and help we needed along the way.

From the moment we placed the order, assembly and final product we are extremely satisfied with this product and the company itself and will obviously recommend them to anyone looking for the best climbing frames in the market.

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