A-Z of Raising Global Citizens: Map Printables

This month a group of Multicultural Kid Bloggers have got together to create an A-Z of raising global citizens. I’ve always found maps really fascinating to study, and remember spending hours leafing through my Weetabix Atlas as a child (anyone else remember that book from the 90s? It was the best!)

So naturally I opted to take M for Maps, and have put together a series of maps printables for children to colour and label.

Map printables for kids to colour and label


Looking at maps is a great way for children to visualise their place in the world, and to understand where countries are in relation to each other. When travelling it’s really useful to show a world or continent map to the children and let them see the distance they will be travelling. Recently we have been travelling within Europe with the children so they have been looking at maps of France and Spain.

Z noticed that since Spain is much bigger than the UK, when you see a distance of a few centimetres on a map of Spain, it can take much longer to drive there than it would for the same distance on a map of the UK, which is a first step to understanding scale on a map and how that works in practice.

The map printables I’m sharing today are outline maps focusing on the shape and location of each country, but it’s also interesting to look at terrain maps with children and let them see the mountains, deserts, lakes and other features of different countries. I will share a few recommendations for atlases and map books to share with children at the end of the post.

Map Printables

World Map colouring and continent labelling page

Colour the World & label the countries that you know. Printable world map activity sheet colouring page for kids

Click to download and print this map

Countries of Europe colouring and labelling page

Colour Europe and label the countries. European map colouring page printable for kids

Click to download and print this map

Labelling France Page

Label the areas of France map. Helping children to use an atlas to recognise and label parts of a country

Click to download and print this map

Outline Maps for 7 Countries

Printable country outline cards including UK, USA, Australia, India and more

Click to download and print these maps

Atlases and Resources about Maps

Books toys and resources to help children to learn about maps, and their world

Click the country link next to each title to see and buy on Amazon (affiliate)

Collins First Atlas: Learn with Maps (UK / US)

Maps: (UK / US)

Maps Activity Book: (UK /US)

Usbourne Children’s Picture Atlas (UK / US)

Hug a Planet Globe (UK / US)

Children’s World Map Poster (UK / US)

World Map Wall Sticker (UK / US) (the scale is not too accurate on this, I still like it for young children as a fun introduction to maps)

Global mini
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