How to Motivate Yourself to Study: Top 10 Ways

For students, academic motivation is a very important factor for success. How to find the right motivation to study? Read this article for some interesting tips on how to motivate yourself to study.

Procrastination and lack of motivation usually get in the way of learning. Other common reasons are disorganization, constant failures, and a low level of concentration. Let’s talk about how to make yourself study if everything is lazy and how to stop procrastinating at school and university.  Essay writing service specialists have prepared the top 10 most effective ways to increase the craving for knowledge and self-organization.


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How Parents Can Help with Homework

It’s no secret that kids tend to achieve better grades in school when their parents are involved in their academic lives. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to find out how your child is doing and what you can do to improve their performance. Some might argue that this is a teacher’s responsibility; which is true of course. But that doesn’t absolve parents of the equal responsibility they share with the teachers. 


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Pandemic Impact on University Students in the UK

When COVID-19 first hit, it sent shockwaves all across the country, engulfing thousands of locals in its shackles. As the illness spread, authorities were forced to put sanctions on things previously deemed normal. From lockdowns to curfews a lot was imposed. Naturally, this had a direct impact on people from all walks of life. Businesses went out of work and a lot of people were forced to dip into their savings to survive. 


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How To Teach Kids Essay Writing Rules: 6 Approaches

Do you love writing essays?” 

If you ever ask a child this question, there’s a huge chance that the answer will be a huge “no” followed by an emphatic shake of the head. Most children will readily choose their favorite Nickelodeon show or game over essay writing. 

However, there are ways to teach your child how to write essays without it becoming a drag fest. If you want your child to become a pro essay writer without having to hire a college essay writing service, simply apply the following tips: 


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How to be a Dedicated Home Learner as an Adult

2020 saw a rise in parents teaching their kids from home. For some, it came naturally, and for others, it left the kids feeling more confused and grateful for their teachers than ever. Thankfully, due to technological development, kids were able to stay in touch with their teachers and classmates through videoconferencing software that helped them to stay on track. 

For some parents, seeing their kids able to grasp complicated ideas via video inspired them to look for opportunities to study various courses from home. Whether that was to help them to progress in their careers or simply wanting to learn more about an interest or hobby, there are countless opportunities to learn from home. 

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