How Parents Can Help with Homework

It’s no secret that kids tend to achieve better grades in school when their parents are involved in their academic lives. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to find out how your child is doing and what you can do to improve their performance. Some might argue that this is a teacher’s responsibility; which is true of course. But that doesn’t absolve parents of the equal responsibility they share with the teachers. 


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Pandemic Impact on University Students in the UK

When COVID-19 first hit, it sent shockwaves all across the country, engulfing thousands of locals in its shackles. As the illness spread, authorities were forced to put sanctions on things previously deemed normal. From lockdowns to curfews a lot was imposed. Naturally, this had a direct impact on people from all walks of life. Businesses went out of work and a lot of people were forced to dip into their savings to survive. 


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How To Teach Kids Essay Writing Rules: 6 Approaches

Do you love writing essays?” 

If you ever ask a child this question, there’s a huge chance that the answer will be a huge “no” followed by an emphatic shake of the head. Most children will readily choose their favorite Nickelodeon show or game over essay writing. 

However, there are ways to teach your child how to write essays without it becoming a drag fest. If you want your child to become a pro essay writer without having to hire a college essay writing service, simply apply the following tips: 


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How to be a Dedicated Home Learner as an Adult

2020 saw a rise in parents teaching their kids from home. For some, it came naturally, and for others, it left the kids feeling more confused and grateful for their teachers than ever. Thankfully, due to technological development, kids were able to stay in touch with their teachers and classmates through videoconferencing software that helped them to stay on track. 

For some parents, seeing their kids able to grasp complicated ideas via video inspired them to look for opportunities to study various courses from home. Whether that was to help them to progress in their careers or simply wanting to learn more about an interest or hobby, there are countless opportunities to learn from home. 

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How Has The Pandemic Affected The Mental Health of Children In Education? 

One of the biggest changes to the lives of young people during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the closure of schools. Children have had to adapt to remote learning, losing out on social interaction and facing the cancellation of exams that they had spent so long preparing for. 

Accelerate Tutors have conducted a survey to find out exactly how the pandemic has affected the mental health of young people, according to the people who know their education best: their tutors and teachers. 

97% of Tutors feel that the pandemic has affected children’s mental health and wellbeing in relation to education 


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3 Productive Ideas for Studying from Home

With all this time that many of us have had at home over the past year and a half with lockdowns, it has given a lot of time to think and re-evaluate. For so many people, this has given us the push to re-evaluate what we are doing with our lives, what our goals are, and whether we would prefer to go in a different direction. 

If you have used this time for self reflection and want to make some changes, one of the first steps can be studying from home to get yourself the qualifications and background knowledge that will be needed to take the plunge into your chosen new career, and follow your passion. 

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Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

It’s important for parents to try and aid their child’s development across all school subjects, not just English, maths and science. All subjects provide children with various benefits that provide them with the necessary schools to succeed in the future, so it’s worth trying to find ways to help them with the curriculum as a whole. Learning a second language, for instance, can help youngsters with their cultural awareness and open up a range of travel and social opportunities when they get older. I have teamed up with an independent school in London to share some advice on how you can help your child learn a second language. It’s not without its challenges, but as with most things, practise makes perfect.

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Supporting Your Child During Exam Period

Exams are a lot for a young person to deal with. There’s a lot of pressure for them to perform well so that they can secure a place in the college/sixth form/university of their choice. That combined with the normal challenges of being a teenager (hormones, relationships, etc.) can be quite overwhelming, but unfortunately, exams are an inevitable milestone in a child’s academic journey. With this in mind, it’s important for parents to lend a supportive hand and perhaps even a shoulder to cry on during exam period, so that their child feels less alone. Here’s some advice from a private college in London.

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Online Learning from the Comforts of Home is a Reality in the UK

If 2020 taught us one thing, it’s the importance of secure, robust Internet connectivity. When societal structures are turned on their head, inventive ways of progressing must be sought out. Certain countries are better positioned than others for this paradigm shift. For many, economic enterprise alone is seen as the bedrock of a country’s success. But is it really?

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