New Range of Aunt Bessie’s Cakes

If you enjoy Aunt Bessie’s traditional Frozen food, then look out for their new range of cakes which is now available in Tesco. I am quite keen on their Yorkshire puddings, and I trust Aunt Bessie’s to always bring those comforting old fashioned recipes so I was interested in trying out the new cakes.

Aunt Bessies Carrot Loaf

The range is pretty wide, which is definitely a positive for me. My children love chocolate cake and will go for that every time, and they loved Aunt Bessie’s round chocolate cake!

I normally prefer something a bit different so I really enjoyed the jam and coconut loaf cake, which is not something I’ve seen around with other brands.

jam coconut sponge


There are three delicious varieties of loaf cake available,  which are all hand-finished: carrot cake – a moist carrot sponge with real cream cheese frosting and a dusting of cinnamon, a moreish sticky ginger cake made with real stem ginger and a jam and coconut cake – a moist sponge, filled and topped with raspberry jam and coconut flakes. Pick them up for around £1.50 each (serves 6).

Another favourite was the almond bakewell tarts which are a lovely treat for the whole family.

Raspberry Coconut Tart

Aunt Bessie’s range of tarts includes hand-finished almond Bakewell tarts, raspberry and coconut tarts and tempting jam bakes. Each delicious tart is made with an all-butter short crust pastry and filled with fruity raspberry jam. The tarts cost around £1.25 for a pack of four.

Aunt Bessie’s Round Cakes, including the chocolate cake that my children loved, are perfect for sharing with friends and family, and make an ideal Sunday roast finisher.

There are three traditional favourites to choose from: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and finished with nibbed walnuts, a moist, lightly fruited cake packed with juicy sultanas and a rich chocolate cake, made with delicious milk chocolate. Each sharing cake is around £2.30 and serves 8 people.

Aunt Bessies Lightly fruited cake

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