Loom Band Sensory Bottles

Loom bands make ideal fillers for sensory bottles (aka discovery bottles). They are bright and colourful, small enough to easily fit inside any bottle, and float around nicely to create a cool effect. Making your own loom band sensory bottle is easy. It only takes a couple of minutes and 3 ingredients.

I’ve made a quick video to show just how super easy it is to make these simple sensory bottles, so check that out towards the end of the post.

How to make a sensory bottle with loom bands. These are so easy and quick to make, and fun to play with afterwards. The effect of the colourful loom bands moving around is so calming and relaxing

First up – What are sensory bottles?

Sensory bottles are containers that have different materials inside to encourage and keep kids busy as they explore through their senses. You can use sensory bottles, aka discovery bottles or calm down jars, to explore each of the different senses and this loom band sensory bottle focuses on the visual sense. 

Slowly watching the contents of the bottle floating through the water can help to calm or regulate and agitated child, serving as a tool to help them ground themselves and take a moment to process their emotions. 

Or for a younger baby, watching the contents move around inside the bottle is an early lesson on how the world works – floating, sinking, how objects behave in water. 

What are the Benefits of Sensory Play?

The benefits of sensory play include the following:

  • Development of brain connections
  • Sensory awareness and exploration
  • Fine motor skills development
  • Social development

For a more detailed break down on this topic, read our blog post on What is Sensory Play, and What are the Benefits?

Now that we have that question cleared up – on to the step by step instructions for your loom band bottle. 

How to Make a Sensory Bottle with Loom Bands

To make your loom band sensory bottle you will need the following supplies. 

  • A few handfuls of loom bands in whatever colours you have available. These can be bought cheaply in pound shops or toy shops if you don’t have any
  • Large empty water bottle. We use Voss water bottles, since I love their clean shape and design.
  • A few drops of glycerin
  • Water
what you need to make a loom band sensory bottle

How to make your loom band sensory bottle

Just drop each item into the bottle: loom bands first, then water, then glycerin.

The quantity of glycerin is up to you, it just serves to slow down the motion of the loom bands in the water.

If you don’t have any, feel free to miss it out. The sensory bottle will still work, but your loom bands will move a little freer and faster.

If you have a young baby and are worried about them getting into the bottle and into the loom bands, then glue the lid on with a hot glue gun.

Since my boys are out of that stage now, we just screw the lid on tightly which makes it easy to change the contents of the sensory bottle whenever we feel like it.

R loved watching the effect of the loom bands moving all around in the water. These sensory bottles are fun and calming for all ages to play with.

loom band discovery bottle or sensory bottle
fun with loom band discovery bottles
playing with a loom band discovery bottle

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how to make a loom band sensory bottle

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  1. Tried this for my granddaughter, it was hilarious. I used pink and purple loom bands. Give it a shake and mix them up, then the pink ones sunk to the bottom, while the purple ones floated to the top. It was great watching them slide past each other on their way to join their “family”.

  2. Oh this is the first time I’m hearing about loom band sensory bottles. So interesting and looks fun! I have a 1 year old godson, so I’m going to share this blog post to his mom so they can try it out. 🙂


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