Simple Glitter Sensory Bottle

A while back I shared our underwater glitter sand sensory tray activity and mentioned that the tray was made from the same contents as our simple glitter sensory bottle. Now, here’s the sensory bottle! It’s a very simple glitter sensory bottle that can be made in a few minutes from ingredients that you probably already have in your craft cupboard.

Simple glitter sensory bottle made in a few minutes!

To add some extra character to the bottle, I used a teddy shaped bottle (from these vegetarian Jelly Bears vitamins). Although it is cute, a plain bottle would probably allow the child to focus more on the contents so may be better. Variety is good though, so why not try all different kinds of bottles! I love the look of these Voss water bottles (aff link) which I’ve seen used for sensory bottles over at Lemon Lime Adventures. Dayna has loads more ideas for different sensory bottles. Why not check out her post on why are sensory bottles important or for a more general introduction to sensory play check out my introduction to sensory play. 

To make this glittle sensory bottle I used: (affiliate links included for convenience)

You simply add the ingredients and they will all mix around in the bottle. I left space, so that the mixture can be tipped and tilted to allow experimenting with pouring. As this bottle uses water and loose glitter, not glitter glue, it’s quite quick moving and the contents behaves like water.

To seal the top of the bottle and prevent the liquid from leaking out, we used a good layer of duct tape which did the job well.

This takes only a few minutes to prepare, and children could help to make it too.

Once it’s made, you can play i-spy by looking for the different sequin shapes inside the bottle, talk about the colours and textures, or just let your child relax watching the glitter moving around inside the bottle.

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