Best Bedding Materials to Help Improve Your Skin While Sleeping

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By Luciana Oliveira

Waking up with flawless skin sounds like a thing reserved only for the princesses of fairytales. In real life, we tend to roll out of bed with weird grooves etched across our faces, which is a sign that it might be time to invest in new bedding.

Fortunately, more and more textile manufacturers are reimagining their product lines to reveal some of the best bed linen available, specifically designed to target the biggest beauty issues afflicting us at night, like wringing skin. Considering that night is the best time to repair our skin, it makes sense that so many innovations are available in the bedding field today. We spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping, so why not make the most of these hours? 

From cotton sheets to classic silk pillowcases, there’s a wide range of pillowcases made from different materials, such as a mulberry silk pillowcase, to help improve your skin while making your beauty sleep more enjoyable. 

Best Fabric for Eczema

Do silk pillowcases stop wrinkles? Can silk pillowcases cause acne? These are some of the most frequent questions around silk bed linen. While I’d love to say that silk bedding is the end of these skin issues, there is no definitive evidence that they can stop acne breakouts or prevent wrinkles for good. However, silk pillowcases can decrease eczema and promote a good skin appearance. Skin doesn’t like friction and silk allows you to glide over your bedding as you move during sleep without being too abrasive. This can be extra beneficial if you’re a fidgety sleeper. 

Sleeping on silk bed linen also means less sweating. And since silk is quite breathable, it’s a great option for anyone who gets hot when they sleep because it adjusts to the body temperature. 

Best Fabric for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll love the fresh feeling of cotton. The high absorbent properties of cotton fabric make it cool and comfortable to sleep on. This means you’ll be less likely to sweat, which also means your skin will feel less irritated overnight. Because cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic, it helps reduce itching and fights off dust mites that feed off dead skill cells.

Best Fabric for Clogged Pores

Linen is another hypoallergenic material that’s also highly absorbent for summer nights when you might feel hot. The absorbent nature of this material helps prevent you from sweating during the night, which helps reduce clogged pores and protect your skin against breakouts. Moreover, the tiny breaks in the material provide a gentle massaging effect on the skin. The result of this is a stimulated blood flow, increased oxygen and nutrients delivered to your skin cells. All this leads to a healthier-looking complexion. 

Best Fabric for Wrinkles

Manufacturers are infusing their sheets and bedding with metals, like silver, due to their antimicrobial properties. A study has found that pillowcases infused with copper help with signs of aging. Both silver and copper are anti-inflammatory and promote wound healing, while copper enhances collagen synthesis. 

If you want to try out a metal-infused sheet, look for fitted sheet sets made of 100% cotton and microfiber infused with silver threads. Some brands use a pro+ionic copper fabric to make their sheets. It’s a super-soft material that releases ions that may decrease oxidants in the body as well as help keep your body cool. 

Best Fabric for Complimenting Skincare

If a better skin regimen is what you’re after, you should consider getting satin bedding, which is non-absorbent and won’t soak up moisture from your skincare products. Some types of satin are softer than silk, so they can be more comfortable. Plus, satin sheets are much easier to clean than silk sheets and can be washed with other garments. Satin is also a more affordable option than silk but still offers the same gliding features. Another benefit of satin sheets is that their smoothness is also less likely to knot and tangle your hair, resulting in less breakage.  

How to Prepare Your Skin for Beauty Sleep

There is more to beauty sleep than just getting a good bedding set. You also have to prepare your skin for beauty sleep to maximize its benefits. 

The most important step is to get rid of your makeup and all the dirt that accumulates on your skin during the day. No matter how tired you are, you must give your face a good cleanse. This will helps your skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin, so they can work their best. 

Next, give your skin a little help with the right skincare products. This includes serums and moisturizers with retinol. These products can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production and even treat acne. Last but not least, have a nighttime facial. Overnight treatments leave the skin visibly brighter, more luminous, refined and even-toned by the morning. 

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