Tips When Creating Custom Clothing For Your Kids

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By Luciana Oliveira

Whether it is a birthday gift, matching team outfits, or just wanting to spruce up your kid’s wardrobe, you want to be sure that your kid loves what they are wearing. When your kid loves what they are wearing,  it ensures that their clothing will not get thrown into a closet and never worn again. Creating custom clothing for your kids can be tricky at times, but lucky for you, we have got all the tips and tricks to help make the process a little easier. 

1-Pick the Right Material for Your Kids Custom Clothing

Whether you are making a custom shirt or hoodie, we all know that kids grow at a rapid pace. Since kids grow quickly, you do not want to pick materials that are 100% cotton and will definitely shrink. Choosing a material for your kids’ custom clothing with a mix of cotton and other materials, like polyester, will help ensure less shrinking. Now, your kid will be able to wear their custom clothing for as long as possible!


2-Pick A Kid-Friendly Design for Your Kids Custom Clothing

When choosing what you want to put on your kids’ custom clothing, be sure it is something they will love. For example, if your kid loves Spiderman, something Spiderman-themed might be a great idea. When creating custom clothing for your kids, it is essential to make something relatable to them that they will cherish forever. 


3-Pick Vibrant Colors for Your Kids Custom Clothing

Anyone who has kids knows that they love anything bright and colorful. So when choosing your design or logo for your kids’ clothing, be sure to incorporate as many colors as you can. A colorful design on a custom shirt or hoodie is bound to get your kid’s attention and have them fall in love with their new custom clothing! Printful has excellent ideas on what you can incorporate in your designs to make your kids smile. 


4-Pick Material That Will Last for Your Kids Custom Clothing

We all remember being a kid, right? We played outside, rolled around in the grass, and played on the playground. It is essential to choose materials that will last through regular wear and tear with all this activity. So again, making custom clothing for your kids with polyester added to it is a good idea because polyester is a durable fabric. 

5-Safety First for Your Kids Custom Clothing

We have mentioned picking material that can resist wear and tear and that will not shrink, but you must make sure the material is also safe. Making sure the material for your kids’ custom clothing is safe considers any allergies your kid may have towards materials and makes sure the materials are not easily flammable. The likelihood of your kid being around a fire is probably slim, but as a parent, you can never be too careful.


Remember, you know your kid more than anyone, make their custom clothing fun and easy to do! No matter your decision on your kids’ custom clothing, they are bound to love it because it has come from you! So be sure to get creative with their designs and logos, add as much coloring as you think they would like, and have fun! 





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  1. These tips for creating custom clothing for kids are fantastic! I appreciate the emphasis on choosing durable materials that can withstand kids’ activities and incorporating vibrant colors and designs they’ll love. The safety considerations are also crucial. Thanks for sharing these helpful insights to make the process enjoyable and successful!


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