Personalised Photo Wreath Cards and Christmas Ornaments

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Personalised Christmas crafts made by the kids are lovely to keep and look back on year after year. Adding a photo is a simple way to make their hand made Christmas crafts even sweeter! We came up with the idea of making Christmas wreaths from pipe cleaners, and have used this idea two ways: to make personalised photo Christmas cards, and photo ornaments to hang up on the Christmas tree.


The supplies are quite similar for both varieties, with just a couple of small changes.

Supplies needed:

  • Green leaf style pipe cleaners
  • Gold pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Personal photos
  • Bakers twine or string, if making the Christmas tree ornament
  • Pom poms or a small bow (optional extra)
  • Glitter (optional extra)

To make your pipe cleaner wreath, first take your green leafy pipe cleaner and twist it around to form a circle shape, tying the two ends together at the bottom to fasten.


Next, take 1 gold pipe cleaner and wind it around each wreath. Just tuck in the ends when you’re done, it will stay in place fine.


If you want to, you can add your pom poms or bow onto the wreath for extra detail.

Next, take a photo of your child, or whatever you want to display in your wreath, and cut it to size if needed.

If making the Christmas card, take your photo and glue it down directly onto the card. We used our Bostik Blu Tack fine and wide glue pen.


Add more glue, and stick your wreath down on top. You will need to hold this in place to give it chance to dry, and add a couple of Bostik glue dots to make sure it sticks extra firmly. We then glued on some Christmas messages too to finish off the cards.


For your Christmas ornament, follow the same steps except you’ll glue the photo onto some backing card and then cut out before sticking the wreath on top. Again, you may need to use some stronger glue for the wreath, like Bostik glu dots which are a stronger glue and can hold up heavier items like the wreath, while the fine and wide glue pen is perfect for gluing paper and card.

Finally, tie a piece of string or bakers twine around the top of the wreath to create a loop to hang up your ornament, and add a little glitter for extra sparkle if you wish!

photo personalised wreath ornament

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