Sponge Painted Christmas Lights Wrapping Paper

This month, our Kids Craft Stars challenge is sponge painted Christmas crafts. Unfortunately the boys and I are not having a great time lately – with everyone getting ill one after the other, so luckily my friend Shruti from Artsy Craftsy Mom stepped in to help us out by sharing this super cute Sponge Painted Christmas Lights Wrapping Paper idea. I hope you like it!

Over to Shruti..

Christmas is a great time to let your child explore their artistic side and get creative. I have been wanting to make some Christmas light bulbs art with my girl for a couple of weeks now. I think strings of light bulbs look gorgeous and are great for practicing patterning. We were using sponge brushes to make snowman art on wrapping paper & even made Reindeer wrapping paper when we realized that we could use the sponge prints to make Christmas Lights too.

Sponge Painted Christmas Lights Wrapping Paper

Sponge Painted Christmas Lights Wrapping Paper

Materials – You will need:
Sponge Painted Christmas Lights Wrapping Paper

  • Brown paper for the gift wrap
  • Sponge brush or pouncers
  • Red & gold paint
  • Black marker
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors & tape for wrapping


Sponge Painted Christmas Lights Wrapping PaperWe started with a gift that was already wrapped with brown paper, but you could totally make the artwork on the wrapping paper and then use it to wrap your gifts. Both ways work. The round sponge brushes are our favourites.

Sponge Painted Christmas Lights Wrapping Paper

Pour some red paint in a paper plate and dip the sponge brush in it. Make sure the paint is not too runny and the brush is nice and dry. Now slowly put random dots on the paper. Not too close, not too far. Let dry.

Sponge Painted Christmas Lights Wrapping Paper

Now dip another smaller sponge brush in gold paint and dab over the red dot. Nice and shiny. You could use gold powder, glitter glue, the options are endless. Let dry.

Now using a black marker, draw a squiggly line connecting all the Christmas lights from one end of the gift to the other.

Sponge Painted Christmas Lights Wrapping Paper

Voila! your gift wrap is ready. Isn’t that a fun craft to try with your kids. You can use multicolors or two colors. Red & green look so festive. What do you think of our homemade wrapping paper? Let us know in comments below.

This month I’ve got together with my Kids Craft Stars friends to share our Sponge craft ideas. If you’re new here check out #kidcraftstars on Instagram to see what we’ve been up to and our past challenges. Check out all our crafts for this month.

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