Best Elf on the Shelf Names: Unique and Inventive Ideas to Help You Find Your Elf’s Name

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What is the best elf name for your Elf on the Shelf? It’s hard to say. But one thing is for sure: You want your elf’s name to be unique and fun. After all, they’re elves and they’re meant to be magical and playful.

How do we find the perfect elf names? We don’t! There is not just one perfect name but we can have fun with it and create something special ourselves with these great ideas that will spark your imagination and get your creativity flowing.

I’m sure you’ll be thinking of more unique names for your elf the closer you get to Christmas.

From the classics like Candy, Mint, and Sugar to more inventive options like Apple, Cookie, or Lemon, we will take you through some of the best elf names that will have you feeling all festive.

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How to pick an elf name

First off, determine how you want to do the whole elf name situation.

You could pick out a short list and then mix them up and pick one at random, or let an older sibling choose the Elf name as a fun way to get involved and keep the magic alive for the little ones.

However you go about it, picking a name for your Elf on the Shelf is a special and fun moment within this family tradition.

It’s fun to think of elf names based on locations that are close to you, you could take inspiration from local town names or go with a Germanic or Scandinavian twist (Snowflake and Scentless are great examples)

Try an old-fashioned nostalgic elf name like Betty or Alfred. Why not call your Elf Margaret or Gerald for those old fashioned vibes?

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If it lines up with your child’s humour you could go with a cheeky and funny name like Elfface or Elfie McElf-Face

You can combine human names with festive cute names to make an Elf name combination like Abigail Snowflake or Bobby Magic

You can go for a Fantasy feel with your elf name like Elfas or Affine, who might be an elf from another world. You can get just as inventive with their elf name as you would with any other fantasy.

Fanciful and Classic Elf Names

These five clever elf names are perfect for creative little ones with a penchant for the fantastical. They are sure to make your little ones smile and love how unique their names are!

Sugar Plum

The best part about this elf name is that it’s all about a classic holiday treat. Sugar Plum is a delicious dessert and there are a ton of things to say about it.

Variations of this name include Sugar, Plum, or Spice.

Candy Cane

This funny elf name is not only unique but it also allows you to turn that beloved holiday treat into a name. There are all sorts of ways you could go with this

Variations: Some similar elf names include Candy, Crunchy, Candice, Candy Man


This elf’s name is all about the cold. Frostbite may be the name of a dangerous injury that can happen when you’ve been outside too long – but it’s also super cute as a name for an elf!

Variations: You could try these alternatives – Frostie, Freezey, Frostling

Cinnamon Bun

This name is a great option for elves that are sweet and delicious!

Variations: Mix up this elf name and go for – Cinnamon, Cinna or Cinnabon


This name is based on a fruit that is traditionally served with turkey on Thanksgiving. Being a berry name, this name has a natural woodland vibe and is perfect for a mystical creature like an elf. Even just the short form of Berry on it’s own is a great name for a Christmas elf. 

Variatons: How about Mulberry, Blackberry, Woodberry

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Elf Names for Boys and Girls

Some Elf names work well for either a boy or a girl Elf and some are more clearly defined. The more similar to human names, the more the elf name seems to be specifically for a girl or a boy whereas if you go for something a little more quirky or abstract, such as food names, these work equally well for either. 

Here are a few ideas which give you a clear guess at the Elf’s gender when you hear the name. 

If you have a baby name that you love but didn’t get the chance to use it, don’t worry! Giving the name to your Elf on a Shelf is another way to make sure that your left over favourite names don’t go to waste.

These cute two syllable names flow off the tongue really well for an elf and are very befitting for an Elf on the Shelf name.

Elf On The Shelf Girl Names

  • Bonnie
  • Elfie
  • Ella
  • Emmie
  • Evie
  • Katie
  • Lily
  • Lolly
  • Polly
  • Rosie
  • Sadie
  • Sally
  • Zoe

Elf on The Shelf Boy Names

  • Alfie
  • Billy
  • Bobby
  • Danny
  • Donny
  • Jeremy
  • Jerry 
  • Joey
  • Larry
  • Maxie
  • Mikey
  • Ralfie
  • Timmy
  • Tommy

Fun and Quirky Elf Names

Want to give your elves a crazy name that will go down in history? There are a number of names out there that are too unique and cute to pass up. Here are unique and inventive elf names that are some of our favorites.


Shortcake seems like a great name for an elf, even if it is short. This kid-friendly name is too cute for words. (Though, this short name isn’t going to work for any of the elves with zero waistlines.)


This is a very wintery name but something a little more inventive than the more popular snow themed names like Snowy. Icicles the elf will stand out. 


If you want an Elf name that sounds extremely posh and fancy, then go with a longer length name like Beauregarde. This is the type of Elf who commands authority and respect. 

Fire Sparkle

This Elf Name is fanciful, sparkly and super cute. It is sure to fire up your kiddos imagination.


One of the biggest trends in baby names is unique names. If you have a name that you love that has not yet made it big, this is a perfect time to go for it! This is also a great option if you have a name that is in fashion or if you want to go with something more festive for Christmas.

Christmas Cookie

This is a cute and memorable name for any kid or elf who loves cookies or candy! We all love to eat sweets and candy, so this is a fun and memorable name for a unique elf. As you may have noticed, Christmas treats are a great area of inspiration for Elf names. 


If you have a love of fruit, this is an adorable name for a kid or a little elf. And unlike many of the other food names for elves, this one is much more healthy.


Because the elves move swiftly, but also if your a swiftie then why not take the opportunity to put a name like this.

Elf Name Ideas for Families

If you are going all out and introducing a whole family of Elves this Christmas then you need to go with coordinating names that compliment each other.

You could go with a whole family starting with the same letter, or you could go with rhyming names. 

Or names all on one theme such as woodland names, food names, or take inspiration from the names of Santa’s reindeers like Dasher, Dancer and Prancer and use those for your elves. 

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How did you create the perfect elf name? Please, tell us in the comments!

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Happy Christmas and Remember to be good – The Elf on the Shelf will be watching 😉 

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