Free Printable British Flag Colouring Pages

The Platinum Jubilee will be celebrated in the UK this May, and schools and communities are getting involved with Jubilee Street Parties, tea parties at School, and all kinds of Jubilee celebrations.

We have put together a PDF pack of free printable British flags that you can use to decorate for your jubilee party, to make a Jubilee poster, and some black and white outlines of the British flag for kids to colour in.


Printable British Flag for Jubilee Party

We have a full page Union Jack British Flag that you can download and print out to decorate.

Kids of all ages will enjoy making these flag crafts for the Jubilee.

Union Jack British flag printable

Easy Crafts With the Union Jack Flag

Print multiple copies and turn this into Union Jack bunting.

You will need string and strong glue, or a staple gun. OR a hole punch

Fold the edge of each flag over the string and attach firmly. Alternatively, use the hole punch to make two small holes at the top of each flag page, and string through the holes.

Union Jack bunting

Make a Poster

Print and use to create a poster or an invitation for your community Jubilee party, using the British flag as the background

crafting with British flag printable

Make a Flag

Print and attach a craft stick, or straw to the side of the Union Jack print out to make a flag to wave

child waving British flags

Union Jack Colouring Pages

To celebrate the Jubilee, colour these British flag colouring pages and hang them up to decorate the home.

These can also be re-purposed when it’s a royal wedding, the Olympics or any other time when it’s time to show National pride for the UK.

Full page landscape orientation British Flag to colour

Get your red and blue pencils and crayons ready. To make the Union Jack flag, the background should be coloured in blue and the cross parts coloured in red, with a white line left around each part of the cross.

black and white outline Union Jack British flag colouring page

You could also use this British flag outline as a template to make this scrunched tissue paper flag jubilee craft


Waving British Flag Colouring Page

Colour this British flag with a wavy outline, flying in the wind.

Colouring is a great way to build up fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Even the youngest kids can have a go at colouring these British flag colouring pages, from toddlers and preschoolers upwards.

black and white outline Union Jack British flag colouring page

British Union Jack Flag on a Flag Pole Colouring Page

Colour this British flag coloring page in portrait orientation, flying on the flag pole.

Did you know? The Union Jack is flown at Buckingham Palace when the Queen is not in residence there, when she is there then the Royal Standard flag is flown instead.

Find out more about the protocols for flag flying in the British Monarchy

black and white outline Union Jack British flag colouring page

How Many Colours Does the British Flag Have?

The colours you will need are red, white and blue.

The British Flag is made up of the St. George’s Cross for England and Wales (the red central cross), the St. Andrew’s Cross for Scotland (blue background and diagonal white) and St. Patricks cross for Northern Ireland (the red diagonal)

What is the Platinum Jubilee 2022?

The Platinum jubilee is celebrated this year as her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd celebrates 70 years as Queen.

This makes her the longest serving Queen we have had in British history!

Cake Ideas for your Jubilee Party

If you’re planning a Platinum Jubilee party here are a few delicious cake ideas

More fun for the jubilee… Jubilee Party Games

Best Kids Party Songs for The Ultimate Disco Playlist

Jubilee party decorations to print

Download British Flag Colouring PDF

Click the download button below to print the full colour and black and white printable British Union Jack flags.

The PDF is designed for A4 paper, but adjust as needed.

Terms of use: Free for personal use, free for classroom use and free for community use


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free printable British flag colouring pages perfect for the platinum jubilee

More Free Printable Colouring Pages

Here at In The Playroom, We have all kinds of free printable colouring pages for kids, in all kinds of themes. Here are just a few!

Union Jack crafts for kids for the Platinum Jubilee

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