Free Printable 2022 Calendar Template for Kids to Design

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A personalised calendar is an easy and meaningful gift for kids to create, that is always appreciated by the person receiving it.

This project is ideal to put together for grandparent gifts, as it is handmade and personal but also has a practical use. 

For teachers, these printables can be used as the starting point for something fun to create with your school or nursery class, for the kids to take home to their parents. 

Use our Free Printable 2022 Calendar Template and have kids draw their own beautiful picture in the space at the top to make it their own. 

Free printable 2022 calendar templates for kids to personalise with space to draw pictures, makes a super easy gift for family and a fun way to learn the months of the year

We have created two versions of the template, one with a box outline to guide the children where to draw their picture and one which is plain at the top so they can fill the space however they would like. 

Both of the calendar templates are set out to show the whole year for 2022 with a basic  month by month calendar where you can cross off the days as they pass. 

Here are the 2022 Calendar templates for you to print and use

Blank 2022 Printable Calendar Template

free printable personalisable 2022 Calendar template blank with space to decorate or draw

Click the download button below the file preview for your free instant digital download of this template in PDF format

Here’s an example of how this one can turn out. This unrestricted template is great if you want to use the Calendar to digitally add photos or drawings of a non square size, or you want a more minimalist look for the finished 2022 Calendar page. 

free printable calendar template for kids to draw a picture and decorate. 2022 calendar for the year

Printable 2022 Calendar Template with Box for Kids to Draw a Picture

This version of the 2022 calendar template has an empty box for children to draw their picture inside. This version gives a clear guideline of where they should draw their pictures so can be helpful to guide children in their task, especially if you are planning to print out the calendar pages and give to the children to draw their pictures by hand. 

Here is how this Calendar template looks. It is the same as above just with the added boxed area

free printable calendar template with an empty box for kids to draw a picture and decorate. This is the 2022 calendar for the whole year

Click the download button below the file preview for your free instant digital download of this template in PDF format.

Here are a few examples of how this one can turn out. Popular ideas for the children to draw are a picture of their family, a self portrait, a picture of their house, or divide the box into four and draw the four seasons but you can take it in any direction.

The great thing about these templates is that they are so open ended and the best thing about children’s personalised artwork is that it should be individual and true to each child and their personality. This simple activity is perfect for kids of all ages, as older kids can take their time to create detailed pictures whereas younger children can create a lovely keepsake with their first mark making attempts in bright bold colours.

Soon we will also provide a printable Calendar set for kids with separate templates for each month of the year, and these can be used to draw a picture of something to represent each month. 

If you’re looking for 2022 Printable colouring calendars for adults, we have three different versions over on our sister site On Your Journey

free printable calendar template with an empty box for kids to draw a picture and decorate. This is the 2022 calendar for the whole year

Kids can draw pictures of whatever is most meaningful to them, or add stickers, glitter, and all kinds of embellishments to make it fancy. Even young toddlers can decorate these calendar pages with their first drawings and scribbles. 

free printable calendar template with an empty box for kids to draw a picture eg a self portrait and decorate. This is the 2022 calendar for the whole year

This calendar design activity is great to make in the run up to Christmas as a kid-made gift idea, or as a New Year’s activity to talk about the coming new year. You can tie in discussions about what we do in the different months, and things to look forward to during the year. 

Designing the personalised calendar also works within a topic of helping young children learn the names of the months of the year in order. You can compliment this with some fun songs from YouTube like the Little Baby Bum 12 Months of the Year song and kids will have it down really quickly. 

For another months of the year activity, you could re-purpose this Days of the Week LEGO activity to make it Months of the year. 

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Have fun! We also have many free printables of all kinds so take a look through our archives. 

If you enjoyed these printables or found it useful, please feel free to share this blog post with friends, family or colleagues and pin to your Pinterest boards. Thank you!

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