The most beautiful places in Austria

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By Luciana Oliveira

The beautiful country of Central Europe is a destination for all seasons. In Austria, you will enjoy wonderful winter holidays in its famous ski resorts but also beautiful sunny getaways in its historic cities. Whatever your interests, it is safe to say that your visit to Austria will bring you many unforgettable memories.

Austria is generally a Mediterranean country in Central Europe and consists of 9 states. It is primarily a mountainous country and is consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the world by GDP per capita. Vehicles are driven to the right. The typical architecture of the country is Baroque, with Vienna being the capital and largest city of the country.



One of the most beautiful cities not only in Austria but also in Europe must be in the places you will definitely visit. The picturesque Hallstatt offers activities such as mountaineering, hiking, a visit to a salt mine, or relaxing boating on the beautiful lake of the same name.



The historic capital is a must-visit when you are in Austria. The city is rich in monuments, is full of energy and has a strong cultural heritage. Be sure to attend an opera or ballet performance as well as visit some of the beautiful art galleries. Of course, you should not miss tasting the famous Viennese coffee accompanied by a delicious strudel.



If you are a fan of classical music, then a visit to Mozart’s hometown is a must. In Salzburg, in addition to visiting the house of the famous composer, you will be able to find exciting museums, galleries and taste local flavours in one of the city’s Beer Halls. Beyond the picturesque old town, explore the surrounding area, where you will taste great food, stroll manicured parks and watch unique events in a stunning art scene.



The colourful buildings of the city with a background of the Alps create images taken from postcards of the beautiful town of Innsbruck. Winter sports enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the well-organized ski resorts in the area. If you are interested in having a unique experience on the fluffy snow of the area with your loved ones, then you should carefully plan and organize your excursion. If you want to avoid this demanding process and save a significant amount of your expenses, then you can turn to the complete packages of the company Erna Low. The rest can visit the Abras Castle, the Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art, but also enjoy a carriage ride in the picturesque alleys of the city.



The second-largest city in Austria is characterized by its beautiful architecture as well as its beautifully preserved historical centre. In Graz, you will visit the great art centre of the city and meet the most intense nightlife of Austria since the city has many students.

Austria is a beautiful country that combines enchanting nature and exceptional monuments. The Danube that crosses a large part of the country has been identified with it and is an integral part of its cultural heritage with the sounds of the waltz. In Austria, whichever route you choose will be “satiated” with panoramic images, from small villages hanging on the slopes of its forested mountains or from the endless plains scattered with lakes and rivers that make it look like a fairy tale. White in winter or green in summer, it is sure to impress you.


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