Fingerprint Christmas Lights Craft for Toddlers

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Handprint and fingerprint crafts for kids are so popular all year round, but especially at Christmas. These easy crafts made with children’s little hands are such a cute keepsake and they are so sweet to look back on in years to come.

Today we are sharing a super easy but effective Christmas craft for Kids – fingerprint Christmas lights.

This simple craft idea can be used for the front of a Christmas card, and is a brilliant option for toddlers as even the littlest kids can make this design without much help.

toddler finger painting

Toddlers love the sensory aspect of finger painting, and will have so much fun putting together this personalised Christmas craft with their own tiny fingers.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and that means it’s time to decorate our houses, homes, and businesses with colorful Christmas lights. And also time for little ones to get busy painting and creating to share the festive joy with their loved ones.

This Christmas painting project allows them the chance to get a little bit messy and explore colours.

finger painted christmas lights craft

Colourful strings of Christmas lights are one of the most recognisable and jolly symbols of Christmas, and something that always brings a smile to my face.

Kids of all ages love Christmas lights and luckily it is something really easy for little ones to capture in their artwork, with just a few strategically placed finger prints.

You could print out some pictures of Christmas lights like the one below to use as a guide and an example for the children.

(Right click this image below and save then print if needed)

christmas lights cartoon picture

Have the kids follow along the string of lights with their finger, just like a maze. This is great for visual tracking, and hand eye coordination.

Speaking of Christmas mazes, older kids will enjoy following along these ones with a pencil too.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Craft

This Christmas lights craft is fun and easy enough for toddlers to do themselves. 

To make this easy kids craft idea, all you will need is a few basic supplies that you may already have in your craft cupboard or around the house.


  • Paper
  • Coloured paint
  • Black marker or crayon
  • (Optional) Coloured card
  • (Optional) Glue

The optional items are for if you want to glue the picture onto coloured card to create a handmade Christmas card

The colours of paint that you use can be adjusted according to whatever you have to hand. Any bright colours will work perfectly so children can choose their favourite colours or whichever they prefer, to make it their own.

coloured finger paints

The best type of paint to use for this activity is washable paint for children, if you need to buy some paint specially for this activity we would recommend to try brands like Crayola – otherwise whichever type you have at home should work fine.

CRAYOLA 10 ct washable kid's paint


First, have the children draw a black line over the paper to make the string for the Christmas lights.

If they are able to draw a long line with some loops this works best, but it does not need to be neat or even – this is why this craft idea is great for even young children.

After drawing their black line, children will be ready to start adding the coloured Christmas lights, fingerprint by fingerprint.

finger painting

Have the children place their fingerprint lights all the way along their line, and their Christmas lights painting is completed.

This idea is so easy but as you can see the results look very cute and effective.

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christmas lights wrapping paper

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Or our cute personalised handprint reindeer craft

To use a printable version of these instructions, you can print out a sheet below

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Craft for Kids
Yield: 1

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Craft for Kids

Active Time: 10 minutes

How to make an easy fingerprint Christmas lights craft with toddlers or young children


  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Black Marker or Crayon
  • (optional) Coloured Card
  • (optional) Glue


  • Just your hands


  1. Draw black line with loops
  2. Use fingerprints to stamp coloured paint for the Christmas lights
  3. (optional) Glue finished painting on to coloured card to create a Christmas card


Full details on blog post at

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Easy fingerprint craft for toddler Christmas cards, how to make fingerprint Christmas lights

Happy crafting and merry Christmas!

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