5 top myths about locksmiths

Most of us only deal with locksmiths a handful of times in our lives – and often those times involve us losing our keys and needing to call out a professional to help us get back into our homes or our car.

There are a lot of myths about locksmiths, so it’s time to debunk some of them.

  1. Locksmiths are only needed for emergency lockpicking

Since most of us only deal with locksmiths in an emergency as we’ve locked ourselves out, we often don’t see all the other work that locksmiths do.

Locksmiths have a range of skills and tools that help homeowners and businesses every day. They can change and repair locks, doors, and windows and help upgrade your security system.

That means if you ever need your locks changed or rekeyed or you need windows or doors repaired, you can find a locksmith on websites like Checkatrade.com to find a professional service.

  1. Picking a lock is easy for locksmiths

Not all locks are the same. Whilst a legitimate, experienced locksmith will be able to pick standard household locks with relative ease, it is still a specialist skill that takes practice.

There are some locks that are more difficult to pick, perhaps because they are old, broken, or even a newer high-security lock.

Where possible, locksmiths always try to get non-destructive entry to a property without drilling into locks – but this requires skill and expertise.

  1. All locksmiths are trustworthy

Unfortunately, there are many locksmith scams out there. Sometimes, a call centre outside of your local area or even outside of the country works with rogue locksmiths to send them to your property and charge far more than a legitimate locksmith would charge.

The best way to avoid locksmith scams is to use local or online directories that list legitimate local locksmiths with plenty of reviews.

You should also avoid locksmith services that don’t have specific business names and addresses and be wary of any locksmith service with a toll-free phone number.

Where possible, always find local locksmiths with plenty of good reviews rather than calling a national locksmith service.

  1. Locksmith services are always expensive

Legitimate locksmiths offer competitive prices and will always provide you with an invoice to specify what parts were used and why you’re being charged a certain amount.

That said, avoid locksmith services with ‘too good to be true’ prices – offering to unpick locks for less than £60.

These are more likely to be locksmith scams and if a rogue locksmith arrives, chances are they will damage your door and charge you more than promised.

  1. All locksmiths are certified

In the U.K., there is no national regulation for locksmiths. Whilst there are some accrediting bodies such as the Master Locksmith Association (MLA), many locksmiths don’t have specific credentials.

Rather than relying on credentials, check reviews and rely on word-of-mouth to find legitimate locksmiths.

When your locksmith arrives, check for business logos on their car or van and ask for a business card as this will help you ensure that you’re dealing with a trained professional. 

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