10 Busy Bags for Matching Activities

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The idea of Busy Bags is to include some simple but engaging activities that will fit into a ziplock bag or something similiar. You can take them with your while travelling, or present your child with them at home. These are mess free activities that kids would be able to do independently.

Today I’m featuring busy bag ideas from The Connection We Share, and some other great Kid bloggers too! All the activities I’ve chosen here will help your child to focus on the skill of matching. They can work on their shapes, colours, and letters with plenty of fine motor practise too.

Skills like matching, or spot the difference, are all great pre-reading skills that will help your little one have a solid foundation from which they can move on to the next stage of recognising letters and words.

10 busy bags with matching activities

Click through to check out each idea, many of them also come with printables which are free to print and use.

Transport Silhouette Matching Game and Busy Bag Ideas

Colour and Pattern Matching Game

Printable Flower Matching Game

Clothes Pin Letter Match Busy Bag

Leaf matching game

Velcro Dot Craft Sticks

Busy Bags with Paint Chips

Shapes and colours busy bag

No Mess Busy Bag Ideas

Printable Pattern Matching Game from Kids Activities Blog

If you have more ideas for busy bag activities, let me know in the comments or share your links and pictures over on my Facebook page. 

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