10 Fun Fine Motor Play Ideas

Fine motor work strengthens little hands for handwriting. You can present your children with engaging and motivating activities that will practice their fine motor skills before they ever hold a pencil!

10 fun fine motor play ideas from In The Playroom and Still Playing School
Hi, I’m Devany from Still Playing School! I’m thrilled to be guest posting here at In The Playroom! I’m featuring the very best fine motor activities from both us!

The Best Fine Motor Ideas from In The Playroom

Play Dough Wind Up Monster Racing

Bubble Painting Process Art

The Best Fine Motor Ideas from Still Playing School

Fine Motor Sling Shot

If you are looking for more fine motor practice, please check out our book:

Devany LeDrew is a former kindergarten teacher who writes at Still Playing School where she shares play based learning activities. She specializes in fine motor activities and has co-authored the book 99 Fine Motor Ideas! Follow Still Playing School on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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