Dressed for Play with House of Fraser

To celebrate National Friendship Month, House of Fraser offered Mr Z the chance to choose an outfit that’s perfect for play. Since young children spend most of their time playing, it is important for them to have comfy clothes that allow them to run and jump and get active but it’s also important for them to look neat and fresh to help build their self esteem and sense of pride in their appearance. House of Fraser offer a great variety of clothes that fit this balance perfectly and I’ve been really impressed with the quality too. These are some very well made clothes that withstand plenty of play and wear, and hopefully can be passed down to younger brothers once Mr Z is finished.

House of Fraser Boys clothesThe outfit we chose for Mr Z is comfy and casual but also looks smart enough for trips out, or visiting family and friends. I think it would also work well for parties, as often the children are running around in soft play or in a hall they want to be presentable but comfy!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 20.41.53These are the items we chose:

  1. Benetton boys hooded sweat top £16.90
  2. Howick Junior boys striped rugby shirt in green £6.40 reduced from £20.00. (Also available in other colours)
  3. Land’s End boys boathouse trousers £15.95 reduced from £24.95
  4. Polarn O. Pyret two pack motor vehicle socks in green £7.00 (Also available in blue)

This came to a total of just under £50.00 for the outfit. I won’t claim it’s the cheapest that you can buy, but the quality of these brands is brilliant and with the reductions we had some great bargains.

Mr Z loves to play with his friends whether outdoors in the garden or park, or inside playing with his cars and collectable cards and this outfit is ideal for either. The hoody gives some extra warmth for outdoor play during these Autumn days.

If you’re looking for extra play ideas for the kids, you can check out this categorised list of over 100 play ideas that I shared recently. Having the free time for unstructured play is so important for children. I love to see my children’s friendships develop and the games they make up together with their friends. These days, Mr Z is into making paper aeroplanes and every day he and his friend are having paper aeroplane tournaments while they keep developing newer and faster models by developing the planes in different ways!

How do your children like to play? And what do you think of the outfit we’ve chosen? Let me know in the comments

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