Here’s where you can find all of the play ideas for kids that have been previously shared on In The Playroom. More will be added over time as they are posted. I love to share simple play ideas, easy ideas that you can enjoy with your kids without a lot of preparation, using materials you’re likely to already have at home.

Over 100 categorised play ideas for 100 days of Play

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Sensory play ideas



Check out our ultimate sensory play activity list for all of our sensory play ideas

Junk modelling and cardboard play ideas

Items marked with a * are round ups which also include ideas from other bloggers

IMG_5729 tpbutterflyportrait 11 recycled / upcycled crafts for kids. I love Junkmodelling - what cool ideas, and a great way to reuse old materials! cardboardlaptop makedo2 zackquack2 fabricpotpin shaker2 makeatelescopepin 7 creative paper plate crafts for kids - such cute ideas! Worldcuppompomshooter

Outdoor play

ACTIVITIES leafmrt2 looseparts easterhunt5 gardentuestutori picnicandplaying IMG_6244 kozikidz2 bubblebuster8 picnic9 pyo Untitled design-8 howgarden10 IMG_8170 plum outdoors climbing pyramid


  1. Charlotte Shield

    some brilliant ideas!! great for rainy days with the kids <3


  2. Sarah Cooper

    Some great ideas here


  3. Sarah Cooper

    I love the look of the garden leaf collage


  4. Jo Hutchinson

    Excellent ideas.


  5. sandy ralph

    some great ideas here which i will try with my grandson


  6. Samantha Sugden

    There are so many great ideas ,Thanks for sharing on your blog


  7. Kim Styles

    what great ideas , and it shows it doesn’t have to be expensive


  8. dragonfly63

    Both my children were taught to cook when they were very small now we reap the benefit as they cook us wonderful meals in their homes (and they do the washing up too).


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