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Postman Pat the Movie has just been released, and we were happy to receive a copy of the DVD on it’s first day of release. Mr Z, Mr R and I had been lucky enough to go to the UK premiere of this movie so we had seen it in the cinema (and loved it) so we were keen to see it again and Mr T had not seen it yet so he was keen to watch the movie for the first time.

postman pat the movie

Postman Pat the movie is an entertaining tale for all the family, which sees Postman Pat auditioning for a talent show and then being duplicated by lots of “Pat-Bot” robots! I found that it’s one of those movies that you could enjoy as a parent watching alongside your children, you won’t be too bored. Seeing Postman Pat singing with the voice of Ronan Pat was great!

It’s a more involved and in depth story than you get in the Postman Pat tv episodes, and perhaps a little more mature so younger or more sensitive viewers may be scared by the Pat-Bots depending on the child. Mr R was 2 when he first saw this in the cinema (now 3) and he was fine. Mr T (4) was initially scared so he didn’t see this in the cinema but when watching at home he didn’t feel scared and he loved the movie. Mr Z is 6 years old so getting a little old for Postman Pat but because this movie is more mature and  has a more in depth story line he really liked it, both when watching in the cinema and when re-watching with the DVD at home. He said it was excellent, and I do think it’s a great choice for the whole family. It is an enjoyable movie and the whole cast have done a great job.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, take a look at the trailer:

You can buy Postman Pat the movie in any good DVD shop, including Amazon.

If you have seen it already, let me know what you thought of the movie!

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