Wooden Fishing Game and More with Bigjigs Play Patrol

Mr Z, Mr T and Mr R are loving their role as Bigjigs Play Patrol agents! Each month they take on the task of trying out some great wooden toys from Bigjigs and reporting back on the fun that they have had.

This month they received:

Wooden Fishing Game

Flying Scotsman Wooden Puzzle

Farm book ends

Each one is great quality and lots of fun. We’re always impressed with the great value that Bigjigs offers with these fab products for such reasonable prices.

First up, the wooden fishing game:

bigjigs wooden fishing game

This was Mr T’s fishing rods game but the boys are all happy to share. The fishing game is perfect for Mr T though as he loves the idea of going fishing and often asks about that. We will really have to take him fishing in a real lake soon! The game is also perfect for him as their school groups classes with under the sea themes, so there is a Jellyfish class, shark, and more. Mr T enjoyed catching the Jellyfish since that is his new class! (He’s just started reception this year).

bigjigs wooden fishing gameThe game includes 18 wooden under the sea creatures with magnetic pieces in the middle of each one, two fishing rods, and four pieces which can be put together to build a container for the sea creatures. This is really clever and different from other fishing games I’ve seen before. Once the children have finished playing, the four pieces easily come apart again so the whole game can be packed away in a compact box.

bigjigs wooden fishing gameThe wooden fishing game is recommended for 3+ which seems about right, although if playing together with an adult then a younger toddler would also enjoy this I’m sure. It suits either one child or two children playing together and the pieces are not too tricky to catch, so it was easily manageable for the boys.

While playing the game with two children it gives great opportunities to work on turn taking and social skills, and gives the chance to learn and talk about the sea creatures. They will also be working on their hand eye coordination to successfully pick up their chosen piece with the rod. All of the boys enjoyed this game, and I can see them returning to it many times in future. It’s a great calm and quiet game to have available and would also make a good present. This game is currently available for £ 10.49 from the Bigjigs website.

Next: The Flying Scotsman Puzzle

bigjigs wooden flying scotsman puzzleThis is the first time I’ve seen a wooden jigsaw puzzle like this! Most of the wooden puzzles we have are inset puzzles and the jigsaws are cardboard, or perhaps much thinner wood. This puzzle is made of very chunky wood and it is great! We won’t be having the problem of pieces getting chewed or bent after lots of use, this puzzle should last a really long time.

This item is Mr Z’s toy for the month, but again all of the boys have shared it since the toys and games appeal well to a range of ages this is another one that’s perfect for all 3 of them.

The flying scotsman puzzle has 43 pieces and when completed shows a bright and colourful image of the Flying Scotsman steam train. All of the boys have been interested in trains since a young age, although Mr Z is starting to grow out of the character trains with faces. This puzzle is a little more mature since it’s a realistic train picture and he was very keen to give it a go.

wooden puzzle pieces from bigjigs flying scotsman puzzleThe age suggested for this puzzle is 4+. Mr Z is 6 years old and was able to complete this by himself without assistance, but even Mr Z who is just turned 3 years old was able to happily tackle this puzzle so I would say with assistance it’s fine for 3+. Mr R would not have been able to do the whole thing himself just yet, as some of the plants and sky sections were a little more tricky for him than the train itself.

bigjigs wooden puzzle flying scotsmanPuzzles make a great quiet time activity, either working alone or all together. They help with fine motor skills, problem solving and lots more. I’ve read a great post recently on the benefits of jigsaw puzzles from a fellow Bigjigs Play Patrol agent so rather than repeating all of the information I’ll share that with you:

The Importance of Jigsaws at Red Rose Mummy

Our Flying Scotsman puzzle is currently available for £ 11.99 on the Bigjigs site. There are other similar wooden puzzles available in other designs too, in other train designs or in general themes like picnic in the park or fairyland. I will definitely think of investing in some more designs in future since these wooden puzzles are so durable and well made. 

Finally: The Farm Bookends

bigjigsThese belong to Mr R. They are so cute and colourful, we love the look of them. They are made of solid wood and are very sturdy and well built. I’m sure they will last very well.

The book ends feature cute farm animals along with a tree and farm house. Mr R can point out his favourite animals and describe them. The boys also wanted to use the book ends as a background scenery while playing with their toys!

We have an abundance of books in our home and these are spread out over several book cases in the playroom, and in all of the boys bedrooms, so we always need plenty of book ends to keep the shelves organised. I’ve always felt it’s so important to develop a love of reading in children from a young age and having plenty of books accessible on reachable shelves is a huge part of that. Mr R, and the other boys, often love to grab a book and leaf through it. Mr R, being the youngest, can not yet read words himself but that doesn’t stop him from getting plenty of enjoyment from books, either from listening to stories or just examining the pages and pictures by himself.

The farm bookends are currently available for £ 8.99 on the Bigjigs site and if you need another theme for your little ones room, they also have pirates, fairies or Noah’s ark.

Which is your favourite Bigjigs toy? Let me know in the comments

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  1. Those bookends look gorgeous, so very pretty. Your comments about the jigsaw are so true, it’s very rare to find one so chunkily made and long-lasting, and I feel the same about the fishing game. I find with the throwaway versions the plastic rods just aren’t very strong and snap very quickly, but this looks like one that’ll last forever.
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