Cupcake Making day out thanks to Mr Muscle

Recently Mr Muscle invited a group of bloggers to come along and take part in a cupcake decorating workshop and to have a look at their new products while we were there. It was a lovely day, great to have the chance to meet new bloggers and meet up again with a couple I knew already.

I always fancied the idea of cupcake decorating, and Mr Z loves anything like that too so I knew we would post enjoy it.

The cupcake demonstration was done by Lynz from Cakes by Lynz who made it look so easy! Then when I tried my own I found it wasn’t really quite that easy but it was a lot of fun and Lynz was really helpful. I do want to keep practising at home and hopefully improve.

cupcakesClockwise from top right:

1. Mr Z ready with his cakes to decorate

2. Very excited!

3. These are the professional examples, done by Lynz. They look great!

4. Mr Z decorating the cakes with sprinkles – really wayyy too many sprinkles!! Good job we did have the cleaning products on hand for afterwards, he gets a bit carried away lol 😀

cakemakingmrmuscleClockwise from Top Right:

1. The Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner, which we had a chance to try out.

2. Our yellow cupcake with flower, not the most professional but we had a lot of fun and they tasted great! Mr Z was very proud of our efforts

3. In the middle of it all, making lots of great cakes and lots of mess!

4. Our beautiful blue cupcake!

touchupThe Mr Muscle products which we were invited to see, is their new range of Touch-Up cleaners. These are really handy for just cleaning on the go, one handed or while rushing around. There are kitchen and bathroom versions and there may be a multi-purpose one coming soon. It is a really useful design where you just press down on the top to release some of the cleaning fluid. It is a mild product suitable for just a quick clean here or there, to freshen up the place or wipe down a spill or anything of that nature. I immediately liked the sound of it and it has been coming in really handy at home, as we were given one each of the kitchen and bathroom versions among the Mr Muscle products in our goodie bags. I would definitely buy these again once ours have finished.

Thanks to Mr Muscle for a great day out 🙂

Eileen from Et Speaks from Home has also written about the event here so have a look if you want to see more.

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  1. I would love to know how to get a perfect buttercream for piping on cup cakes because it seems to pipe so smoothly out of the piping bags for cake decorators where my is not so smooth and flowing!!


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