As I mentioned here last week, we went away for a little break to camp in a wooden wigwam in North Wales, I will be posting all about the different places we went and what we did and saw, but for now he is a look at where we were staying – such a lovely peaceful place, really beautiful and I would recommend the area to anyone who fancies a break and would like to be in the countryside!

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As you can see the wigwam is just in the middle of a field, with countryside all around! There are actually four wigwams together in a group, then a kitchen and bathroom building – so it would be great to book all four and go on a family trip!

It was lovely for the boys to have such an open space to play in. Running around, toddlebiking, playing football, having a little picnic, or sitting out doing maths workbooks as mr Z wanted to do! – all in the fresh clean countryside air!

If anyone fancies a visit, it is Clwydian Wigwams and you can get them through Wigwam holiays (for clarification purposes, this is not sponsored whatsoever It’s just where I chose to go on holiday, they have not asked me to promote)

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