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Cutey are an accessories site specialising in bags and bracelets. They recently sent me across a couple of bracelets to review:

A gold Shamballa bracelet and

Gold Shamballa Bracelet
Gold Shamballa Bracelet

a beaded Charm bracelet.

typhon charm bracelet
Typhon Charm Bracelet

Their jewellery is all of a good quality, it looks well made and not easily breakable or tacky. The designs are modern and fashionable and I like the way colour is incorporated but in a tasteful way.

cutey bracelets
Cutey bracelets

The bracelets look lovely, the shamballa one is really sparkly and the charm bracelet has a lot of detail. Although the bracelets looked quite small to me, they are designed to fit on any wrist and should be fully adjustable. My wrists are quite wide though so I thought they may look better on my niece so I have given them to her. The bracelets look lovely for her age group (pre-teen) as they are not babyish at all but are still colourful and playful so it won’t look too grown up or adult.

Cutey have also asked me to share with you all that they are doing a new Bags for Breasts campaign where 10% of all their profits are going to a women’s breast cancer charity. You can see their range of luxury bags here. This is a great cause to support as it could affect so many women, so its really good to see them doing this!

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