Tad The Lost Explorer and the Curse of the Mummy Activity Sheets and Colouring Printables

The adventure continues in the new movie, Tad the Lost Explorer and the Curse of the Mummy – exclusively in cinemas from September.

To celebrate this new release, we have some great free printable colouring pages and activities to share with you.

Tad the Lost Explorer and the Curse of the Mummy

Tad’s biggest dream is to be accepted by his archaeology colleagues, but his accident-prone nature gets in his way.

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Things You Should Know Before Launching a New Business

To launch a new business, you need to prepare to put a lot of time, effort and money into your idea, and this can be a nerve-wracking process, especially in the current climate.

Expanding your company globally brings all kinds of challenges from customs clearance to language barriers and cultural differences, but if you approach it the right way, you can make the experience as painless and productive as possible.

Twill are known for their commitment to small and medium sized businesses and are passionate about helping companies like yours to thrive and expand.

In this post we will share a few tips to make your business journey as effective as possible, and avoid starting a business that doesn’t last long term.

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Test Coverage Techniques Every Tester Must Know

Are you a tester and want to optimize the process of test coverage? Well, then, this guide is for you.

Software development is beneficial, but it is also vulnerable to many faults. Poorly designed software degrades the user experience and creates many functional issues.

Creating usable products and testing them thoroughly is critical to utilizing a sound testing method. It aids in determining a product’s health. Various test coverage strategies aid in the creation of a testing plan. 

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4th July Color by Number Pages for Kids

Independence Day on 4th July is a day full of fireworks, parades, picnics, and family gatherings, so why not let your kids celebrate the occasion with some fun color by numbers!

We have put together a set of 8 free printable 4th July color by number pages, as a great way to keep your kids busy on Independence Day.

free printable color by number 4th July coloring pages for kids

Grab your red white and blue crayons and pencils, it’s time to color by number for the 4th of July!

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