Fun Cooking Games for Kids to Engage Them While Learning

Cooking is one of the most important life skills to teach our children. Having a good level of knowledge and understanding about how to prepare food, and the nutrients that we need to include in our day to day diet’s is such valuable information for them as they grow up and make their own way in life.

There are lots of fun ways to help our children develop these skills, and today I’m going to to share some fun cooking games for kids that you can use as a resource for introducing these topics to your little ones.

Online Cooking Games for Kids

Online games can be a fun and easy way to introduce topics for kids of all ages. We have been using a few of these games alongside our hands on activities, to help the kids build up the knowledge of kitchen skills and where food comes from.

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We visited the Kids games section of which has a huge amount of online games available to help kids develop the skills needed for working in a kitchen

The Boiled Eggs Game

The boiled eggs cooking game teaches kids about keeping track of multiple pots at the same time while cooking. As well as introducing the concept of handling multiple items cooking at the same time with different temperatures and cooking times, it is also a lot of fun!

This game is not as easy as it looks, once you have 4 or 5 eggs boiling at the same time (there are 6 stove tops so if you’re really good you can successfully boil all six) you need to really think on your feet and stay very responsive to prevent your eggs from overcooking.

I joined in with the kids to have a go at this game, and we all enjoyed this.

If you enjoy this type of quick moving game, their site also has server games where you have to rush to correctly fill customers orders. Some of these games include “Burger Now” or “Breakfast Time” so take a look and find one that you and the kids can enjoy playing.


The Veggiezilla game is a great one for younger children, like my 5 year old daughter N. It has beautifully illustrated cartoon graphics and takes children through the step by step process of growing their own vegetables together with the characters Molly and Trini.

This game is really well made, and I really like how it walks young players through the process and explains everything so clearly.

Hands on Activities to Help Encourage Healthy Eating

Check out some of these games to help encourage healthy eating and open up discussion about which foods are needed to include within our diets.

Handling different foods can help to familiarise kids with these items, and is a great experience to introduce from a young age.

Cooking with Kids Easy Recipes

If you want kids to learn about cooking, the best way is to learn by doing! After playing with some of the online cooking games why not solidify that information by jumping into the kitchen and get cooking and baking.

Here are a few of our favourite easy recipes for kids.

CHILD making bread dough

Fruit Crafts for Kids

One of our most popular crafts on Pinterest is our bubble wrap printed fruit and veg. Maybe this is because the craft is so easy, but the results look great and it is a fun way to introduce the important topic of exploring food.

Why not get your paint and bubble wrap out and have a go.

We hope you enjoyed all of these fun and easy ideas to help your kids think a little more about the food we eat, and get started on their cooking skills and develop that knowledge early on.

Fruit and Veg diary

As parents, we are always thinking up ways to try to make sure our children are eating enough fruit and vegetables. Why not try this printable fruit and veg tracker to help the little ones keep an eye on their own progress!


We hope you enjoyed these food education ideas for kids. Please share this blog post with friends and family, or pin to your Pinterest Board so you can come back to the ideas when you need them.

Fun ways to explore the topics of food and cooking with kids, including crafts, hands on healthy eating activities and recommended online games for kids.

Have fun, and happy cooking!

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