Printable Fruit and Veg Diary

We all know it’s important to eat plenty of fruit and veggies, but sometimes kids are not so keen. I find checklists and charts can be really motivating for my kids, so today I’m sharing with you a printable fruit and veggie journal that you can stick up onto the wall and let them check off each portion of fruit and veg per day.

Sometimes that extra incentive of completing another tick on their chart can really get kids reaching for the carrot sticks!

Juicing is another quick and easy way to get kids to increase their fruit intake. Check out this guide on the best hand juicers from Janes Kitchen Miracles

Printable fruit and veggie journal. Tick off at least 5 portions per day! More tips and fun kids healthy snack ideas on this site

Click here to download this file in PDF format to print out at home

Print out a few copies and let them track their progress week by week, or print one and laminate to use again and again with dry wipe marker pens.

To help meet your targets why not try some of the simple tips:

  • Put fruit in your cereal or oatmeal
  • Add veggies to pasta
  • Add veggies to an omelette
  • Use a juicer to drink your fruit
  • Freeze grapes as a cool snack
  • Make a smoothie
  • Stir extra vegetables into soup

It’s okay to let kids be playful with their food! See why ‘playing with your food’ can sometimes be a good thing. 

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Free printable fruit and veg diary for kids. Check off 5 portions a day!

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