Super Cute Little Babies Dolls Review

Meet the Super Cute Little Babies! This range of brand new baby dolls with unique super powers are themed around protecting the environment and helping others, a lovely positive message for our kids.

There are four different Super Cute Little Babies characters to collect, and 5 year old N loved the ones that we received to try out.

N loves the idea of helping others, and doing what we can to help the environment so this theme instantly appealed to us, and of course the super cute little babies are adorable too, with beautiful bright colours and lots of accessories included to make saving the planet even more fun.

The four Super Cute Little Babies are…


Sofi loves plants, flowers and trees. He loves to watch them grow and smell their scents, but never tear them off! Gardens and forests are your favorite corners. She has the Power of the Flora, with her she can grow large plant stems to reach corners where nobody else can.


The little Gabi is very cheerful and full of light. She is always happy and loves to collect sunglasses. Playing outdoors in daylight is one of your favorite activities. When you snack the magic bottle, the Power of the Sun is activated in it. You can heat anything with your hands!


Sisi loves all animals and insects that can fly. Butterflies are favorite! With the wind it feels free and agile, and that’s why it has become its super power. Lift and move objects at high altitude. He loves playing with her friends and is always ready for missions.


Kala is a fan of water sports. Surfing and diving is fascinated, but above all, the sea. Its power is to control the water. So you can put out fires and refresh any animal that needs it. Kala likes to be with her friends and work as a team when the planet needs her help.

The characters all have different personalities and super powers, each with her own core goals and eco-conscious habits, but they are all unified in their mission to educate others on how to protect the planet.

As children engage with the brand, they will be encouraged to implement these practices into their daily routines, helping to motivate their families to lead more sustainable lives, too!

As the kids connect with each of the Super Cute Little Babies eco causes, they can start to think of simple ways to help out in their own way too.

For example, Kala loves water and has the power to control water, so connecting with this character kids can be more conscious of not wasting water by shutting off the tap when you’re not using it. N always loves to remind us about these little things!

The Super Cute Little Babies promote eco messages to their fans and support human-centric learning, inspiring children to embrace more sustainable habits and adopt positive behavioural changes, and they are also a lot of fun!

This is such an important and positive message for our kids, especially in today’s world where helping out the environment and doing what we can is more important than ever.

The SuperCute Little Babies toys will be available in store at Tesco and The Entertainer, and you can watch them on their YouTube channel too!

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