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Steffi Love dolls are great for imaginary play and N had so much fun with these Steffi Love Happy Animal and Kitty Love sets.

Steffi is all about a love for animals, sports, friends and family which are all really positive and relatable messages for our kids.

Both of these sets are animal focused which is perfect for N who loves cats, rabbits and all kind of cute little pets.

Steffi love dolls

Steffi Love dolls are 29cm dolls which come with fashionable outfits and lots of accessories. This is a ideal sized doll for children of around N’s age (5 nearly 6)

Steffi love dolls

Steffi Love Kitty Love Doll

We loved the cat mom outfit and adorable cat print skirt on this Steffi Love doll and she comes with her own pet cat, along with everything needed to look after the pet kitten.

Steffi love cat love

The Steffi Love cat doll comes with a food and water bowl, bottle of milk, cat toy, little blanket and more.

N loves the cute little cat and having her Steffi Love dolls take care of all of the animals in these sets.

Steffi love kitty love doll

You can buy this doll from retailers including Amazon for around 11.99

Steffi Love Happy Animals Set

This Steffi Love set comes with super cute pet rabbits, tonnes of accessories and also her little sister Evi.

Steffi love animal accessories

The accessories included are lots of fun with brushes, bowls, a rabbit run and more.

You even get a rabbit exercising tunnel which N loved

Steffi love rabbit tunnel

Buy Steffi Love Animal sets on Amazon

steffi love dolls

N and her friends have had so much fun playing with all of the dolls and animals, it’s brilliant for firing up their imaginations and all of the dolls and accessories are very well made, with great quality that should last and last for hours and years of play.

playing with steffi love dolls
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  1. Hi Anna, it’s wonderful to see how much fun N had with the Steffi Love Happy Animal and Kitty Love sets! Imaginary play with these dolls and animal accessories sounds like a fantastic way for kids to explore their creativity and nurture a love for animals. πŸΎπŸ±πŸ°πŸ’–


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