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The Hamstars toy range was a huge hit with N (age nearly 6) and her friends. All of the Hamstars are extremely cute, and they encourage imaginary play as well as giving children a chance to express creativity with all kinds of cool hair accessories and styles.

We were sent three different Hamstars toys to try out, and N has had so much fun with all of them. The Hamstars range is OUT NOW and is available to order from Amazon.

hamstars toy range

The Hamstars dolls and play sets are brilliant for this age group, and will really capture the hearts of children who love all things cute, glamorous and sparkly.

The products all come with a good amount of accessories and details to keep things interesting and spark the imagination.

hamstars toys

From glitter gel and straighteners, to a tool to magically add sequins into the Hamstars hair, there is a lot here to keep little hands busy.

hamstars hair accessories

N really enjoyed making up different hair styles for her new pets, as well as imaginary play with all of the characters. They really are adorable.

hair sequins hamstars

Lets take a look at each of the products individually.

Hamsters Dolls

You can buy each Hamstars character separately. The light pink Hamstar below is Claudine, and she comes with the machine for adding deluxe sequins to her hair. This is easy enough to do that N can add and remove the sequins independently

hamstars in box

You can also adjust her hair length, and she comes with all kinds of cute accessories like a little handbag, hair bobbles and wears a crown.

The Hamstar’s hair length is adjusted by pulling and then turn the tail to shorten it again.


There are four different Hamsters in this range to collect – Claudine, Cloe, Pattie and Monica and each one has different hair accessories such as hair chalk, and secret tattoos.

Hamstars Dressing Room Play Set

The Hamstars dressing room play set comes with the glitter gel and hair straighteners. This is also easy enough to apply, as the hair straighteners do not use real heat. Be aware the glitter gel can get a bit messy but it is all in good fun.

hamstars toy

Our dressing room Hamstar is Shany, and there are four of these available too with the others being Monica, Claudine and Patty.

Again, each one has different hair accessories.

With this set, the box opens up to reveal drawers where you can keep the accessories for your Hamstar if you like!

hamstars glitter hair

Cutie Popstar Micro Party Assortment

The cutie popstar micro party assortment is a really cleverly designed set. It starts out as a microphone and then transforms into a Pop star stage with two speakers.

hamstars microphone

When you open up the microphone you will reveal all the little bits needed to create the concert stage ready for your soft little Hamstar. N thought this plush little Hamster was really sweet!

hamstars microphone play set

Look out for the entire range of Hamstars available on Amazon. These would make great Christmas presents!

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  1. Can you put hair back into its original shape? Meaning straight or clean the painting/chalk so that they can redo the activity of paining, waving it, etc? Thanks for the info


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