Christmas Family Games with Very

One of the best parts of Christmas is spending quality time together with the whole family. With the children home from school, and time off work, it’s a great time to slow down and make time for family game night, or a game afternoon.

I’ve been having a look for some new games that we can play with the kids and found some great ideas over at – with a wide range of board games, family games and even Karaoke machines, they have so much to keep the whole family entertained over the festive season.

Check out the full range of toys and games at Very.

Here’s a run through of the games that we picked out this year.

With children ranging from 4 to 13 years old, I was able to find some really fun games that will keep everyone happy.

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Beautiful Wooden Toys from Jaques of London

I have always been a fan of good quality wooden toys. It’s lovely to see the children playing with products that have clearly been made with love and care, and that will last well over the years.

Especially with four children, finding well made toys that can last well and be passed down to be enjoyed by one child after another really makes me smile and it is also great to know that this way, there is less waste too.

One of the brilliant companies we found who have a great range of traditional Wooden Games and toys, is Jaques London.

wooden cars toy

Jaques London are a family company (now in the 8th generation!) and a traditional toy brand who have been making toys since 1795. Jaques London believe in the power of play and quality family time spent together and this is exactly what their products offer.

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10 Winter Driving Myths Busted

Did you know that during Winter, the amount of accidents on the roads increases by 20%? There is no doubt that the cold weather brings a few extra obstacles to drivers, so we are taking part in the ATS Euromaster Winter Driving Myth Challenge to help keep drivers safe by busting common myths and questions around driving in winter.

By getting better informed about winter driving tips, and investing in some good quality winter tyres, we will be totally prepared to tackle this season on the road.

I challenged friends and family to answer these ten true or false questions about driving to find out which of these myths are the most commonly misunderstood and help us be better educated on winter road safety.

Although driving in Winter can be trickier, it is also a time that lots of us are making road trips to see friends and family around the country to spend time together in the holiday season.

winter driving scene

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Creating a Calming Nursery Environment with Very

With a new baby in the house, creating a calm environment and getting everyone into a new and settled routine is key. Whether this is your first baby, or your fourth baby, there will be some changes in the house and it is just as exciting to get the baby’s space and nursery ready with all of the little things you both need to feel settled and organised.

You can find so many of the essentials and also some wonderful baby gift ideas that you will need for your baby at Very and here are a few that we chose for Baby James to help nurture a calm environment and encourage his development.

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Family Time with Toffifee

Advertisement feature as a brand ambassador for Toffifee

Spending quality time together as a family is key to keeping our family relationships running smoothly. Whether we are doing a family movie and game night, or relaxing together in the garden with football and the hot tub, that time spent together gives us an opportunity to reconnect, share some laughs together and strengthen our family bond. Sharing Toffifee together is a central part of our family time, and something that my boys really enjoyed.

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Wicked Uncle – Innovative ideas for kids gift

We have all been there…birthday parties are always fun but I don’t know if I am just very picky with gifting but I also believe a lot of people can relate to this particular situation. There is such a wide range of options of toys available in the market nowadays that I am constantly struggling to decide what gift to get for children that is not only fun but also innovative. I always try to chose something different and out of the box, that inspires curiosity and creativity in them. I like to give it some thought and sometimes I go a step further and ask the parents to give me an insight before buying something for their kid. If you are like me or you just need some extra inspiration for that upcoming birthday don’t freak out and read on…we got you covered.

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Christmas Toys at Very

This year, we all deserve a magical Christmas to brighten up our spirits and spread some joy. So I have been looking forward to treating the kids to some lovely toys, and spending some family quality time together. While the shops are closed, it is so easy to be able to order online and I was able to get so many of our Christmas toys from Very as they have such a wide range of toys available to suit all ages of child.

All of your favourite toy brands are available on Very including LEGO, Barbie, LOL Surprise, Hot Wheels, and many more.

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(AD) Protecting Our Family with Steril-eeze

This year has definitely been very different for most of us, and lots of new things have slowly become part of our lives and routines… like hand sanitiser. The constant hand washing and sterilising is helpful to keep germs away, but can sometimes be rough especially on little hands. Recently we discovered a new hand sanitiser brand – Steril-eeze – which is alcohol free and kind to hands, while remaining just as effective as other brands. For me, that’s great news as I feel more comfortable using a gentle and alcohol free product especially with my children.

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Family Fun with Ricky Zoom

Ricky Zoom is a great family fun show, featuring motorcycle Ricky and his buddies: Loop Hoopla, DJ Rumbler and Scootio Wizzbang. My 3 year old N has enjoyed this show for quite a while now, so she was excited to try out some new Ricky Zoom toys and play with them together with her big brothers.

As a parent I love the personalities of the characters within the show, each one is unique and it’s great to see how they solve problems within each episode, using their own resourcefulness and resilience whilst also knowing there is a supportive community on hand to help if need be. This is such a positive message for children, and something that I’m happy to see my daughter absorbing while she is watching her Ricky Zoom episodes at home with the family.

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Design Your Dream Garden Competition

In Partnership with Cheshire Artificial Grass.

Children’s creativity is endless! They have the imagination to dream up the wackiest and most inventive ideas, and at times during our busy lifestyles, we do not always take the time to marvel at their thoughts and creations. In partnership with Cheshire Artificial Grass, we set up a Facebook competition to celebrate the inspiring minds of our children. 

Outdoor play and creative thinking are essential for child development. Our aim was to encourage children to unleash their creative skills and help get children more engaged with their garden (the place where outdoor play comes alive).  

To enter the competition, children were asked to design their dream garden and send in their artistic creations to be in with a chance to win an arts and craft set.  

We were fortunate to have so many amazing entries and every one of them deserved a prize but unfortunately, there could only be one winner. 

Although one lucky child won an arts and craft set, we did not want the other children’s artistic creations to go unnoticed! 

Here are 8 garden entries picked at random for you to enjoy:

Evelyn’s Garden 


This garden is full to the brim with trees! We really liked how Evelyn pictured her garden filled with nature and lots of green (the greener the better)! We would like to thank Evelyn for her lovely drawing and entering the competition. 

The Lovely Garden


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