Supporting our family’s immune system the easy way, with Wellmune

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With a busy family life, trying to keep everyone healthy and well is an ongoing priority. Giving our immune system the best chance possible to stay primed and ready to go means that we keep up with our life.

We all know the importance of eating nutritious foods, staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, and avoiding stress – these are all key factors in keeping our bodies healthy. But what else can we do to help the function of our immune system? 

Recently we came across yeast beta glucans, which are an active ingredient in many different products that work to support your immune system. 

What are yeast beta glucans?

While yeast is naturally found within yeast products like bread, it isn’t the same as taking yeast beta glucans, so your body does not get the same benefit. However, with yeast beta glucans, the yeast beta glucan has been isolated, meaning that your body can access the full benefit of this beta glucan – and the impact that it has on the immune system.

Beta glucans come in different types but not all beta glucans are created equally. Wellmune is unique because it is the only beta glucan of its kind backed by research that shows its safety and efficacy. This makes products with Wellmune a great way to support our family’s wellness routines. 

Wellmune is included in products by many different brands, so look out for this Wellmune logo on packaging, or check the ingredients list to find it. 

How does it work? 

To put it simply, yeast beta glucans work by priming your immune cells to be ready for action so that they can move more effectively.

You can watch this quick video for a more in-depth explanation of how these specific yeast beta glucans works in the body to safely support your immune system so you can be well and stay well.

How do we incorporate Wellmune into our diet?

We have been looking for different ways to incorporate Wellmune into our family’s diet and have found some supplements that we can easily add to our daily routine, as well as a powder that can be made up into an orange and mango flavour drink that is an easy way for the kids to get some of the Wellmune goodness. 

You can also look out for gummies containing Wellmune, which is another fun way for kids to get their daily intake. 

There is a huge variety of products containing Wellmune internationally and I’m excited to see more of these start to become available here in UK stores, particularly in functional food and drinks so the kids and I can get a dose of Wellmune even more easily on the go. 

Using the powder drink mix, my kids are getting Wellmune into their diet and it tastes just like typical squash. 

With winter here, the added immune support can do us all some good and help ensure we all feel at our best. 

Wellmune is a yeast beta glucan ingredient and suitable for all ages, from 3 years up to elderly so it’s something the whole family can benefit from. 

Immune health is especially critical for children and the elderly but is also really important for athletes, or any of us who are suffering from stress. I’m sure we’ve all felt it, when you are under stress or have a lot to juggle you start to feel run down more easily. Right now, we are in the middle of moving house which can be a stressful time so I am relying on yeast beta glucans to keep my immune system working as well as possible, because I have so much to do! 

It’s important to note that yeast beta glucans do not ‘boost up’ your immune system or tamper with the body’s natural balance, rather they help your own natural immune system to do its job and work more effectively when needed. 

​​Our body’s immune system is an amazing thing. When it is working at its peak, you can stay well. With the immune system primed to work most effectively, we can get back to the business of living life to the fullest as soon as possible so that we have more energy to do the things that we love. 

Visit the Wellmune website to find out more and check out which products could work best for you. 

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  1. The orange and mango flavoured drink sounds lovely! I bet the kids love that and it’s definitely an easier way for them to get the benefits! xx


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