Family Time with Toffifee

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Spending quality time together as a family is key to keeping our family relationships running smoothly. Whether we are doing a family movie and game night, or relaxing together in the garden with football and the hot tub, that time spent together gives us an opportunity to reconnect, share some laughs together and strengthen our family bond. Sharing Toffifee together is a central part of our family time, and something that my boys really enjoyed.

Right now it’s Ramadan, so at Iftar time the whole family gathers together to eat and the boys look forward to this moment all day, not only for the exciting foods that we prepare but for the family time and the chance to stay up a bit later. They couldn’t wait to try Toffifee, which is a unique product and was something new to them and we will definitely be buying Toffifee again.

Toffifee has delicious ingredients for everyone: a crunchy hazelnut in a delicious caramel cup, smooth hazelnut spread, plus a drop of rich chocolate. I also love the look of Toffifee, because the round shape of them is so cute. Toffifee is available as a 100g Box with 12 pieces inside, from supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, and Morrisons. The usual price is £1 but Toffifee is available to try for just 50p using this special offer link

Another of our favourite ways to spend time together as a family is outside in the garden. When the weather is nice, we can easily spend all day out there relaxing, chatting, kicking around a football and enjoying some treats together. The Toffifee 100g box is a perfect size for our family to share together with just enough for everyone.

We recently bought a hot tub so now we spend even longer out in the garden together. Getting outside is a great way to switch off from everything else like school or work, and to just reconnect especially when sharing treats together.

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