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We have all been there…birthday parties are always fun but I don’t know if I am just very picky with gifting but I also believe a lot of people can relate to this particular situation. There is such a wide range of options of toys available in the market nowadays that I am constantly struggling to decide what gift to get for children that is not only fun but also innovative. I always try to chose something different and out of the box, that inspires curiosity and creativity in them. I like to give it some thought and sometimes I go a step further and ask the parents to give me an insight before buying something for their kid. If you are like me or you just need some extra inspiration for that upcoming birthday don’t freak out and read on…we got you covered.

So you just got that invitation for a child’s birthday party and now you need to get a gift. I always lowkey panic in these situations. Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love kid’s parties and I am always so excited and looking forward to them but the moment I receive that invitation I start to wonder about the present. First you have to think about the age and what is appropriate. This can be tricky if your own child is younger, or even more so if you don’t have kids yourself – what do 8 year old kids want these days? Luckily the Wicked Uncle website categorises some fantastic ideas by age, which really help to give some useful inspiration.

I normally do not focus on gender because in my opinion that is irrelevant but I am always trying to be the cool one and get something different that will make them excited from the moment they see their gift.

It’s not always easy and it means that you will have to put on some time to dedicate on some research. I normally start by asking the parents what the child enjoys playing the most or if they are into any cartoons or films and I go from there. When we got contacted by Wicked Uncle we just knew this collaboration would be great! The website name itself is so cool and got us both very intrigued to know more about what they offer.

At first sight I loved the website category section. Yes you can select them by age and gender but there are also categories such as Adventurer and New Ideas! Brilliant!!! Exactly what I am looking for when gifting. If your little one is a wild one like my daughter the Adventurer section got you covered.

Spy night mission goggles, or a bionic bird… how cool is that?! Our kids have the Ultra Dash game and this is so much fun outdoors in the summer, and can be played inside too. (you can read our review of Ultra Dash here)

Ultra Dash is a great present idea if you’re buying for an energetic kid, especially if they have a garden space at home to use it and if they have brothers and sisters as it’s something really fun to play together.

If you want some out of the box ideas that will inspire them check the New Ideas section and you will be amazed by all the super cool options they have and you can also segregate them by age. 

The Design & Drill rocket above is something we can recommend for inquisitive kids of around 3 or 4 years old. You use the power drill to put all the pieces together, and then it’s ready to play and imagine. My daughter loves this toy and plays with it a lot.

The Brainiac section definitely caught my eye with their options for the little geniuses. They have items like interactive robots and incredible Science Kits that will keep any child entertained for ages, which is also a bonus for busy parents especially the ones working from home during these unprecedent times.

Wicked Uncle has also a section for Fashion & Style gifts that have simply the coolest range of products I have seen around. The ones that really caught my eyes were an interactive t-shirt that glow in the dark and a Jellyfish fish tank with changing mood light. If these are not what you look for when buying innovative gifts I don’t know what is.

Now go check their website so you can see for yourself all the amazing ideas they have and keep them in mind the next time that birthday party invitation arrives…and don’t panic! Wicked Uncle has it all!

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