Beautiful Wooden Toys from Jaques of London

I have always been a fan of good quality wooden toys. It’s lovely to see the children playing with products that have clearly been made with love and care, and that will last well over the years.

Especially with four children, finding well made toys that can last well and be passed down to be enjoyed by one child after another really makes me smile and it is also great to know that this way, there is less waste too.

One of the brilliant companies we found who have a great range of traditional Wooden Games and toys, is Jaques London.

wooden cars toy

Jaques London are a family company (now in the 8th generation!) and a traditional toy brand who have been making toys since 1795. Jaques London believe in the power of play and quality family time spent together and this is exactly what their products offer.

We were sent a couple of gorgeous wooden toys from Jaques London to review and the kids had lots of fun enjoying these toys and games.

All of the Jaques of London games are so beautifully packaged and presented so they make a great gift for Christmas time, as even the cardboard boxes they come in are beautifully decorated with bows, and a handwritten note inside from the person who packed each toy.

Jaques of London packaging

Chinese Checkers

My 10 year old boy R loves playing chess, and other strategic games that get him thinking. So I decided to introduce him to Chinese Checkers to give him some variety and a new two player game to challenge me with.

Chinese checkers age 10

Actually, Chinese Checkers can be played as a two player, three player, four player or six player game so it is extremely versatile and can be played with larger groups during the family Christmas.

How to play Chinese Checkers? If you haven’t played this game before, the aim of the game is to get all of your coloured pegs from your side of the board into the triangle opposite. You can move your pegs by jumping over others, or moving into the next adjacent space.

how to play Chinese checkers

Jaques of London wooden Chinese Checkers game is a two in one reversible board game which also includes the game Go Bang on the reverse so we have another new game to learn and enjoy!

go bang wooden board game Jaques of London

For younger children (like 4 year old N), playing with the Chinese checkers board and pegs is also a very good fine motor play activity

Chinese checkers board fine motor

Wooden Car Park Toy

The Wooden Car Park toy from Jaques of London comes with six different coloured wooden cars, and is a lot of fun for racing the cars and making up little stories for imaginary play.

This toy is also a really great tool for learning turn taking, and working on collaborative play skills for young children.

Jaques of London wooden car garage

This car park came in one piece without requiring any assembly, you just slot the orange piece on to the top which takes a couple of seconds.

This was great, because I really don’t enjoy when I open up a new toy and have to construct everything – so the ease of us with this product from Jaques of London was appreciated.

It’s also great for the kids when you open the box and they’re able to get playing straight away. N couldn’t wait to have a turn with this!

jaques of London wooden cars garage

The little cars race pretty fast down from the top of the parking garage, so this toy is very satisfying to play with and would be lots of fun for younger kids too. As the cars race down, on top of having fun, kids are actually learning about forces, motion and gravity!

This toy is one of Jaques of London’s best sellers and it’s easy to see why.

Overall, Jaques of London have a brilliant range of wooden toys and games so we would definitely recommend to check them out to find quality toys that will last and keep the children entertained and happy.

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