DIY Chalk Recipe

DIY chalk

Did you know that you can make your own chalk? And it’s easy! This chalk is made into giant sticks, which is great for little hands to grab hold of, and perfect for pavements and patios. You can create a giant masterpiece and then let the rain wash it off.


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Rainbow Fine Motor Busy Bag

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Busy Bags are wonderful creations that you can grab at a moment’s notice to occupy your little one. They may be used whilst on the go, whilst waiting at the doctors or simply when you need your child to play independently. Our Rainbow Fine Motor Busy Bag will not only entertain a child but help develop their fine motor skills at the same time. What’s more the busy bag is cheap to create.

Rainbow fine motor busy bag, an easy and fun way for toddlers to learn colours, practice colour matching and work on their fine motor skills

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Let the Child Lead: Do’s & Don’ts, to encourage child led play

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Are you always busy, rushing, occupied, running from one place to other seldomly having a chance to stop, think and let your child have a play with whatever he/she wants and chooses to do?

The world shouts from every corner you must have this, your child should be doing that, rarely examining whether or not it is really necessary or beneficial for your little learner, busy worker and a fun playmate.

Take a moment and think about the last time your child played contently on their own, completely captivated by their own activity?

The greatest help you can give your child is freedom to go about their own work in their own way. We should be guided by the child (M. Montessori, 1989), giving them opportunities to make choices, develop concentration and let their minds grow, just like their bodies do.


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#MyDisneyLife inspired Craft Stick Skaters

We love magic of Disney in our family. Many of the movies have become firm favourites, watched over and over again and we’ve started the tradition of going to watch Disney on Ice as a family each year around Christmas time. We’re really looking forward to Disney on Ice Presents Silver Anniversary Celebration this year, so when I was asked by the people at Disney to talk about mine and my families own love of Disney, to help celebrate the launch of DisneyLife, I couldn’t help but become inspired by classic films and our tradition – to attend Disney On Ice.

I decided to use my love of arts and crafts to bring our families love of Disney On Ice and favourite film characters to life. This Disney on Ice inspired craft stick skaters activity was a fun way to combine imaginary play with talking about past and future events, to convey the Disney magic from screen and the Ice in our very own home!

Once we’d made our Disney character skaters, we played some of our favourite Disney songs and put on our own simple Disney on Ice show.

Disney inspired popsicle stick ice skaters

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DIY Rainbow Clay Stackers

This Rainbow Clay post is from our contributor Emma of Adventures of Adam

We have recently fallen in love with DIY clay. It is so easy to make and is self drying too. As I seem to burn salt dough, anything that does not require to go in an oven is a winner in my books! Whilst experimenting with the DIY clay, I wondered if it was possible to create homemade clay disks as my three year old is forever stacking things on top of each other. I wanted an activity that would develop his fine motor skills whilst helping him learn the colours of the rainbow. We created Rainbow Clay Stackers.

2 ingredient clay recipe, to make these gorgeous rainbow clay stackers that can be kept and used over and over again

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DIY Wooden Shape Puzzles

In this blog post we will show you how to make DIY wooden puzzles for kids.

We will take you through how to make these simple toddler wooden shape puzzles with this easy tutorial. The shape puzzles are a great learning toy for younger children, and you can adapt the designs to suit your child’s needs and interests. 

This DIY Wooden Shape Puzzles post is contributed by Medina of

How to make your own DIY Wooden shapes puzzles. These are pretty simple, and so cute and fun! A great way to work on learning shapes with toddlers, and also colours

My son is quite the logical thinker. From a very young age, he has always loved puzzles and working out how to make things connect. I would love to say he gets this analytical thinking from me, but I’m not a very good problem solver so it must be from his Dad!

At the minute my son is obsessed with learning his shapes so I decided to foster that passion further. 

I had some scrap wood lying around my home from various DIY projects I had done in the past year. I decided to use them to make simple wooden shape puzzles.

Aside from the sawing, it really required little effort to make and is perfect for a quick afternoon crafty project.

Not to mention my son really enjoys playing with them! So a win win for this mama!

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Making and Shaping Roti Dough with Kids

This month’s theme in the 12 Months of Sensory Dough series is edible dough, so I immediately decided to focus on roti dough – an edible and cookable dough that my kids love to make, cook and eat. Rotis are flat bread, and all you need to make the dough is a few simple ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen.

Making and shaping roti dough with kids. Play with it like playdough, but cook it into bread!

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