Ways to Play with Wooden Railway

Wooden railway is an absolute classic toy – popular in most homes and nurseries. It was a huge hit with my boys particularly when they were younger, and now that N is moving out of the baby stage into the toddler years, we’ve started to reintroduce it again. Wooden railway is really open ended and can be played with many ways. The versatility is one of the reasons why we like it so much!

We were sent a great bundle of new wooden railway items from woodenrailways.co.uk to refresh our collection. We have various wooden tracks already, but some of it is quite battered from years of play so it’s always nice to start again with some fresh ones – plus wooden railway tends to be compatible across brands so if N wants to expand her tracks with some of our older accessories then that won’t be an issue.

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Great Outdoor Toys that Your Kids will Love

We all know that spending time outside is good for our children. So, many parents try to take their kids to the park or for a bike ride. The problem is there is not always enough time available to do this as much as you would like. So, you have to do what you can to encourage your kids to go outside and play on their own more. A great way of doing that is buying them toys that are more suited for playing with outdoors than inside. Here are a few suggestions.

Radio-controlled toys

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How can you extend learning outdoors past the classroom?

When you think of a classroom, what springs to mind? Most likely it is a room, indoors, with desks and chairs facing a whiteboard on the wall. It’s important to remember, however, that this isn’t the only environment that a child can learn in and, as research has shown, it may not be the most effective.

Many children are going home after school and spending time on their tablets and devices instead of playing outdoors like previous generations. Introducing outdoor play at school provides them with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and engage with nature.

Together with Infinite Playgrounds, creators of Adventure playgrounds, we look at the benefits of learning outdoors and how to adapt lessons to teach outside.

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Top Tips for Outdoor Play, and the Best Outdoor Toys for Kids with Little Tikes Bring Back The Outdoors

This summer, Little Tikes are celebrating all of the parents and families who encourage kids to get outdoors into the garden or great outdoors, and in a time where indoor screen based activities can be very tempting, or safety concerns can keep kids inside, they’ve brought out some great new ranges to make outdoor play even more fun and exciting.

We went along to the Little Tikes Bring Back the Outdoors event at Hyde Park on the weekend, and had such a lovely time. We had the perfect weather for it, as it was a really sunny day and N couldn’t have been happier. Exploring all of the Little Tikes outdoor toys was so exciting for her, and a few hours just flashed by!

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Sensory Stone Play – Fun Activities for Kids

Sensory Stone play should be part of any child’s development, as it encourages new experiences involving the senses. Every stone play offers an opportunity for kids to better understand their shapes through play and mark making.

This game enables children to experiment with shapes and patterns while also exploring how to match and find symmetries. In this list, you’ll find some interesting stone activities that your kids can play.

sensory play ideas and activities using stones and rocks

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Why children need to get outdoors this spring

For the first time in what seems forever, UK residents are awakening to clear blue skies. The birds are singing once again and the first daffodils of the year are making a most welcomed appearance. With spring in the air, we can feel it calling us to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Although you may not be ready to give up your woolies and wellies just yet, spring is a great reminder of the importance of being outdoors.

This is why outdoor enthusiasts and British bird food supplier, Kennedy Wild Bird Food are here to tell us why nature offers one of the most reliable boosts to your childrens mental and physical wellbeing.

Physical development

We all know about the benefits of exercise for a healthy life. It‘s also important that children from an early age know the benefits too. Forget about keep fit classes and gym memberships, the best exercise and experience of nature will come in the form exploring the outdoors. This is even more so for a child, who naturally wants to run, walk, climb trees and play football. There are unlimited opportunities for a child to enjoy the outdoors and learn the value of exercise.

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Educational Christmas Activities for Kids

At this time of year, schools and playgroups tend to have a strong focus on Christmas and as the kids are all getting excited it’s fun to include some more lighthearted and fun festive activities, but lots of these can still be educational for little ones, without them even realising it! I’ve gathered together a collection of fun and educational Christmas activities for kids, to try out at home or in your playgroups alongside all the Christmas parties and shows that we tend to be busy with at this time of year!

Lots of these activities help to work on fine motor skills, whereas others bring in specific topics like shapes or symmetry but linked in to this festive season.


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Fun Science For Kindergarten With Water

If I were to make a list of what kindergarten kids love the most my guess is that fun, learning, and activities with water, would definitely be on that list. So why not combine all these into an amazing science experiment?

Preschoolers are very active and curious, the best way for these young individuals to learn is to show them something that is fascinating, fun, and safe for them to observe or better yet, participate in. Here are some experiments that kindergarten kids can do with the use of water. 

fun water science ideas for kindergarten age kids

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DIY Chalk Recipe

DIY chalk

Did you know that you can make your own chalk? And it’s easy! This chalk is made into giant sticks, which is great for little hands to grab hold of, and perfect for pavements and patios. You can create a giant masterpiece and then let the rain wash it off.


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Rainbow Fine Motor Busy Bag

Post from contributor Emma at AdventuresofAdam.com

Busy Bags are wonderful creations that you can grab at a moment’s notice to occupy your little one. They may be used whilst on the go, whilst waiting at the doctors or simply when you need your child to play independently. Our Rainbow Fine Motor Busy Bag will not only entertain a child but help develop their fine motor skills at the same time. What’s more the busy bag is cheap to create.

Rainbow fine motor busy bag, an easy and fun way for toddlers to learn colours, practice colour matching and work on their fine motor skills

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