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With all this staying in situation we had to be creative and make it fun. It has been a long year with all these changes but it has been also a great way to appreciate the little and simpler things in life like movie night. Anna and I have been doing movie night before the lockdown started but now we became pros. It became our little mum treat after a long week looking after the kids.

With help from Your Big Night In, we were able to make our usual movie nights even better. Your Big Night In is a new door delivery service bringing customers everything they need to transform a night in from mundane to magnificent with everything you need for a great night in – the food, the drink and even the entertainment.  Whether you are searching for an idea for date night or simply want some hassle-free downtime to burst the bubble of a busy day, Your Big Night In delivers everything you need to bring some sparkle to that same-four-walls syndrome.

We all need child free time and movie night may be just the thing for you. Read on to get inspired and creative during the last few weeks of lockdown! We are so excited to get out but while we are still in lets make the best of it.

Your Big Night In sent us a box of goodies so movie night in will be even more special. We were so excited to open it and see what awesome things they sent us and we were not disappointed. The packaging was utterly cool and the variety of products took us by surprise.

From savoury snacks, to sweets and drinks we were covered for movie night. I was so excited by the amount and variety of items and also quality. The Movie Night In box includes lots of unique brands that you don’t see every day, and if you find one that you really love there are also discount codes and coupons included inside so that you can purchase more of your new favourite movie night snacks and drinks.

Along with the drinks, snacks and vouchers you will also get a Rakuten voucher to rent one movie of your choice to complete your movie night experience.

They all tasted great and were amazingly packed for freshness and we felt like 2 little kids indulging in sweets. They even had a box of pick and mix sweets that was just perfect for the end of the night. It definitely made movie night so much fun! The combination of popcorn and pick and mix sweets gave us a sense of nostalgia as its just what you would order at the cinema.

So get your best friend (or your partner, your housemates or your bubbles mates) comfortable pjs and that comedy film you have been wanting to watch…this stay in box and get cozy on the couch. You are in for a great treat and tones of fun!

And when you want to mix it up, Your Big Night In also have other types of themed boxes you could try. You can unleash your inner Sherlock as you pit your wits against curmudgeonly conundrums with the Puzzle Night In – complete with wine to focus the chatter of your grey matter or discover who has the finest pair of pipes with the Karaoke Night In – with access to 80,000 songs and all the food and drink required to do your thing. These all sound like so much fun and we would definitely try some of these to bring some variety to our usual nights in.

Your Big Night In boxes are RRP from £35. Which experience would you love to try first?

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