Introducing the Pairfum London Fragrance Library Perfume Experience Box

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Perfume is one of the luxuries of life that can instantly put you in a good mood. Smelling a particular perfume can remind you of a loved one even after many years, or bring back memories just like it was yesterday. It is such a powerful sensory experience, and finding the right perfume that is just right for you is such a great feeling.

The types of perfumes and scents that we prefer can be a very personal thing. Sometimes perfumes can surprise us, you love the concept of a certain perfume but once you try it on – it may not suit as well as you had hoped because perfumes can react differently on each of us.

Pairfum London Fragrance Library Perfume Experience Box

Pairfum London have an innovative solution for this, their Fragrance Library Perfume Experience box allows you to sample 12 different Eau de Perfume intense and get to see which ones you really like. It’s also a great way to try out scents that you wouldn’t normally have gravitated towards, as sometimes you may be pleasantly surprised too!

Pairfum London Fragrance Library | Perfume Experience Box

The Fragrance Library | Perfume Experience Box is a great way to experience 12 different varieties of Pairfum London fragrances over a few weeks to see which one really suits you and makes you feel the most comfortable before you commit to a full bottle.

Each of the 2 ml bottles inside has enough for 100 sprays so you can try the perfumes for around 2 weeks, and you also have smelling strips inside which you can use to spray and consider the fragrances.

When you fall in love with one of the fragrances and would like to buy the full-sized bottle, then the price of the Fragrance Library will be deducted from the cost of the full-sized bottle (at 120) which is a great deal. 

The Pairfum London Fragrance Library Experience Box is available for 30.00

The Fragrances

The fragrances included in the Experience box are:

All of the fragrances are of a really good quality, they have a deep and luxurious scent and last well throughout the day.

One of my favourites are the Cardamom, Tonka and White Oud, because I love Oud scents. To me, Oud is very comforting.

I also really like the Sea Salt Sage which has a really fresh and clean scent and Amber and the Pink Rose & Sensuous Musk which is very subtle and feminine.

Who are Pairfum London and What is different about this perfume? 

Pairfum London are one of the few remaining Perfumery Houses Worldwide that still have their own in-house perfumer. The fragrances are hand made in the UK by artisan perfumers, giving you a boutique product unlike the perfumes you’ll find in department stores.

The fragrances from Pairfum London are unique and will continuously change for two reasons:

1. They adapt to your skin & your home! Have you noticed how natural fragrances smell different from one person or home to the next? They become uniquely You. This is lost in modern prestige fragrances that are designed to smell uniform on everybody.

2. Pairfum manufacture in the traditional method of old-fashioned batches. The fragrances change slightly from batch-to-batch. The natural ingredients that are incorporated change their profile according to the characteristics of the crop, just as wine changes from one year to the next.

If you’re looking for a perfume that is just right for you, give the Fragrance Library Experience Box a try and you may just find the perfect match within these 12 beautiful fragrances.

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  1. Hi Anna, what a delightful read! Perfume truly is a powerful sensory experience, and your review of Pairfum London’s Fragrance Library Perfume Experience Box is so intriguing. I love the idea of sampling different scents before committing to a full bottle. Thanks for sharing this unique and personalized perfume experience! 🌸👃


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