44 Cats Children’s TV Series

Have you heard of 44 Cats? It’s a fun TV show for young children on Nick Jr, and it has also just been released onto the POP TV Channel on Freeview, so that even more children can watch.

The series concentrates of four cats, named Lampo, Milady, Meatball and Pilo who play together in their band called the Buffycats. Along with lots of catchy music, the show has good morals for little ones as each episode has an underlying message of friendship, diversity and helping others. Each episode of 44 Cats is under 15 minutes long – an ideal length for younger viewers like my 2 year old, N.

In the show, each of the four main characters has their own unique look and style, and all four of them are very loveable and cute – particularly little Pilou who is our personal favourite. Each cat even has their own unique special ability too: Lampo’s whiskers act like a compass, guiding him to where he needs to go, whereas Milady’s fur turns into a pink-purple colour whenever someone tells a lie. Pilou, due to her cuteness, uses her enchanting wide eyes to distract the show’s villains and finally Meatball has a big appetite and can sense danger.

As well as the four main cats, there are many other characters who pop up during the episodes too – mostly cats, but there are some other animals and humans appearing at times!

We really liked the way that music is included in the episodes, with really catchy and upbeat songs that N enjoyed and we also love the colourful and cute animation style. The whole show is very bright and eye catching, making it fun to watch.

Here’s a little clip of one of the 44 Cats songs…

Tune in with your little ones on Nick Jr Channel or POP TV Channel to check out the show for yourselves.

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