Reading Champions Reading Book Scheme Review from Books2Door

One of the most magical things as a parent is seeing your child starting to learn how to read. It is such a huge step, that opens up a whole world of knowledge and imagination for your child to now access. Starting to learn to read is very daunting though, as it is easy. We were sent this Reading Champions book set from Books2Door, which is perfect for beginner readers with six levels advancing in difficulty.

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50 Books Every Child Should Read by Age 16

How many of these classic books did you read as a child? Have you shared them with your own children? Sainsburys have put together this list of the top 50 must read children’s books in time for World Book Day, and I have to say – they are great choices!

There are a couple that I have missed, but the rest of the list are books I really enjoyed as a child. This list has books suitable for all ages up to 16, so some of them may not be suitable for younger children – use your judgement with each one.

50 books every child should read before 16


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Gingerbread People Recipe

Cooking together with kids is a great way to spend time together, and help them develop some vital life skills while having fun. Today we have a gingerbread people recipe, from the book Kids Can Cook by Esther Coombs. Gingerbread people are such a simple treat to make, and kids love the results especially as you can get creative while decorating them. You can make gingerbread men, gingerbread women, or whatever style you prefer.

Gingerbread People recipe


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Viking Adventure Activity Book

Vikings are a fun part of history to learn about, and if you have a child in Year 3 or 4 at primary school like I do, then they may be learning about Vikings in school this year. The Viking Adventure activity book from Button Books / GMC Distribution looks like a great way to enhance and solidify their knowledge of vikings in a fun and hands on way.

The book is packed with over 100 different activities and games and includes 4 pages of stickers.

The pages are crammed with all sorts of fun, including puzzles, anagrams, maths, codes, spot the difference, colouring in and other engaging activities. Absorbing and educational, the Viking Adventure Activity Book features beautiful, bright illustrations
that will draw children in and keep them busy. And while they are enjoying the mazes, matching and counting, the
activities are helping them to develop a wide range of skills, including observational, conversational and motor skills. They’ll also find out more about the fascinating world of Vikings along the way.

Here are a few example pages of activities from The Viking Adventure Activity Book

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Book Shopping with Books2Door

We can never have enough books in our house, with four kids who are all keen readers (as well as us parents!) One site I’ve been ordering from lately is Books2Door who have some great collections for the children. I find the website simple to navigate and it’s easy to find products that will suit our family.

Here are some of the books we’ve chosen lately..

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The Way Home for Wolf

We are all big readers in our family, with bookshelves stacked up in every room. It’s really important for me to encourage the children in this from a young age, and one of the best ways to do this is by having appealing and good quality books around the home. However many books we have already read, it’s still always a joy to come across another great one!

The Way Home for Wolf is a heartwarming new picture book from the best-selling creators of The Lion Inside. This book stands out for its gorgeous illustrations as well as it’s positive message, and is a story that I really enjoyed reading to my toddler (as did her older brother as you can see)

The Way Home for Wolf tells the tale of a plucky young wolf cub named Wilf. He’s very stubborn and believes he can do everything by himself, even wanting to lead the pack although he is just a young cub! But during his journey, young Wilf gets left behind, finding himself lost and alone in the chill of the arctic night. In his time of need, Wilf comes across a new friend who’s willing to help.. and then another.. and then another. He soon learns the benefit of letting others help in your time of need, and realises that with the help and kindness of the other animals he can soon be guided back exactly where he wants to be – back with his pack.

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When Spring Comes to the DMZ by Uk-Bae Lee

When Spring Comes to the DMZ is a beautifully illustrated and unique children’s picture book, tackling the topic of the Korean DMZ and the unfinished history of the Korean Peninsula. These issues are raised sensitively, via the medium of nature and exploring the animals and seasons in this demilitarised zone.

Korea’s demilitarized zone has become an amazing accidental nature preserve that gives hope for a brighter future for a divided land.

In the story we see Grandfather going up to the observatory and looking out over the DMZ, watching the salmon, spotted seals, and mountain goats freely follow the seasons and raise their families in this 2.5-mile-wide, 150-mile-long corridor where no human may tread.

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New Fingerlings Books Review & Giveaway

Little fans of Fingerlings® will be excited to see the new range of three new nonfiction Fingerlings® titles published by DK this month, in partnership with WowWee. These are a great way to make reading fun, and we found that the books are a great way to learn more about the Fingerlings characters.  

The new books include a sticker activity book, and two early reader books focusing on the unicorn and the monkey Fingerlings. All of the books are bright and colourful, and of course really cute.

DK have offered a full set of three books as a prize for one lucky In The Playroom reader, so for your chance to win, enter at the end of this post!

The Fingerlings Ultimate Sticker Collection takes readers on a fun journey to the Fingerlings’ home in Melody Village. Read about favourite Fingerlings characters, including Bella and Boris, Marge, Kingsley and Gigi, and meet exciting new characters such as the Glitter Girls. Discover how bubbly Gigi has fun with her unicorn friends, how Kingsley the cool sloth likes to chill out, and what Bella the busy monkey does in a day. DK’s Fingerlings Ultimate Sticker Collection comes with over 1,000 stickers; readers can have fun finding the stickers for each page and creating their own Fingerlings scenes.

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Halilit Sounds of the Forest Book & Instrument Gift Set Review

Halilit Sounds of the Forest is a really sweet and unique little gift set with a story book, which comes along with a matching owl themed musical instrument. The story and the owl whistle work together perfectly and it’s a lovely way to encourage your child to get involved with the story.

The gift set comes in a box containing the story book, which is a board book with thick cardboard pages to make it toddler friendly, and the owl musical instrument.

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