DaddiLife “You’re Going To Be A Dad” Book for First Time Fathers

We previously reviewed A Dad Joke A Day book from DaddiLife, and now this group of Dads have collaborated again to release a second book. This time they have written something a little more serious. 

Becoming a Father for the first time is a huge moment for any Dad. This is a new stage of life, and a huge responsibility for the next 18 years and onwards. It may be daunting, but is also an extremely exciting journey and nowadays many Dads are much more keen to get involved and take the role of an active engaged father in their family life. 

With so much to learn, and so many changes to experience, DaddiLife have put together a brand new guide to help support new Dads along the way, enabling them to inform themselves of everything involved and be the best Dad that they can be.

you're going to be a dad guide book for first time parents

Let’s take a look at what’s included in this handy new guide. 

You’re Going To Be A Dad!: The New Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy and The First Year of Fatherhood is a book for first time dads – that tracks the journey of pregnancy and the first 12 months of fatherhood – all from a multitude of dads’ perspectives. They had noticed that a lot of books aimed at dads are pretty surface level and don’t go much further than a tone of ‘don’t forget to put the beers away.’
There was a huge gap for a book for Dads that takes the subject seriously and gives is book goes much deeper and gives this subject the respect and depth that it deserves. This guide book is a more mature look at the dad journey, preparing the father to be an involved parent and not just on the sidelines. It takes you through pregnancy week by week in depth and then also covers a brief guide to the first 12 months with a baby. 
Rather than depend on one dad’s view, the book has interviewed 50 new dads and dads to be across the last few months to get a much more diverse picture of first time fatherhood. All of these Dad reflections come together to form a book that is sure to be relatable to other new dads, as they find experiences and feelings which are similar to their own as well as consider other perspectives. 
These reflections cover all kinds of situations from health worries, to practical issues, or the emotional adjustment to becoming a dad for the first time. 
The book includes lots of detail to give first time Dads the knowledge that they need to be the most supportive partner that they can during birth, and to take involvement confidently as an active hands on dad. 
Weekly Checklist items are suggested for practical things to consider as the pregnancy progresses. 
The book also tackles the difficult reality of having a new baby in the post Covid-19 world. Corona virus has had a huge impact on maternity services, and the way things are done in hospitals. This makes an already daunting process even more challenging and scary for mums to be, and also the new Dads. 
“You’re Going To Be A Dad!” is the first post Covid book for dads that looks at how restrictions have affected dads, and what they would do differently in any future restrictions. 
So if you’re a first time Dad-to-be, it would definitely be worth checking out this book and having a read to help get prepared for the journey ahead!

Buy on Amazon: You’re Going To Be A Dad!: The New Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy and The First Year of Fatherhood

You're Going To Be A Dad!: The New Dad's Guide To Pregnancy and The First Year of Fatherhood


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