Get your Free Baby and Child First Aid App with British Red Cross

Our children are our most precious treasures. Any parent would do all they can to prevent any harm coming to their child, but despite our best efforts sometimes accidents happen. You could turn your back for just a few moments and find that your child needs medical help – so the most important thing is that we know what to do if these situations do arise.

Time is of the essence in an emergency situation, so if you have the information to hand and know what to do this could make a huge difference. Ultimately, although no parent likes to think about this, having that knowledge could even be the difference between life and death.

Get your free baby and child first aid app from British Red Cross

To refresh your first aid knowledge, you can download the baby and child first aid app from the British Red Cross. Then you know that if you need to access information quickly, you have a reliable source in your pocket at all times, and won’t need to waste time trying to google for information! You can also browse through and learn, before you find yourself in an emergency situation.

The app is FREE and has already received positive reviews with a 4 star rating in the Apple App Store.

British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid App

If you’re able to, then taking a first aid course is a great idea too. These are held all across the UK and are particularly useful for parents of children from 0-12. I took one of these courses a couple of years ago and found the hands on learning helped the information to stick in my mind, although it never hurts to go back and take a refresher.

The British Red Cross know from their research that the majority of parents who are interested in learning first aid are in their third trimester of pregnancy or have a baby up to around 8 months old. It’s important to learn outside of this period too, since we are learning so much about everything in those early months of parent hood – especially with the first baby – that it can be hard to retain everything that you learnt in those early days.

The British Red Cross’ research also shows us that around two thirds of parents would like more information on first aid. First aid is rated as one of the top skills parents wished they’d learnt before having a baby.

Often when thinking about First Aid, the first thing that jumps to mind is choking and how to dislodge food from your baby or child’s throat. This is of course a vital skill to know, and is often something we are really vigilant about when our young ones are just getting started with solid food. But, what about poisoning, burns or febrile seizures – would you know what to do if this happened to your child?

British Red Cross have made some videos to help this information stick in our minds.

The baby and child first aid app covers all kinds of injuries, from the serious to the minor. This weekend while running around and playing with his brothers and cousins, one of my boys bumped his head on a table and had quite a big lump come up on his head. Although this injury wasn’t enough to cause a major panic, it’s still reassuring to be able to check the British Red Cross baby and child first aid app and be sure that the treatment we gave him was the right thing to do, and that our information hadn’t become out dated.

IMG_9841As shown on the app, with bullet points and a brief video, we let him rest and gave him an ice pack to put on his head and luckily by the next morning he was back to his usual self.

Get your first aid rapped up and download the app for yourself.

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