Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Glitter Palette

If you like vibrant and colourful make up, then Jolie Beauty is a great brand to explore – particularly their eye shadow palettes. Jolie Beauty are a brand featuring make up products and make up brushes that are designed and created by make up artists. They also have a strong stance on being cruelty free, and vegan friendly, so you can enjoy their products with peace of mind.

Jolie Beauty sent us one of their popular glitter eyeshadow palettes to try out, which is the Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Glitter Palette.

This glitter palette contains 24 shades of eye shadow, all of which are very vibrant and very pigmented. The glitter palettes are made from cosmetic standard glitter, which is face and eye friendly but can even be used anywhere on your body as you wish.

I am not normally this bold with make up, so it’s great that this Bomb dot com palette includes so many different shades within the palette, so you can try out the whole rainbow of glitter and have fun making all kinds of glitter eye shadow looks, and they go perfectly with sequin dresses.

I was impressed with how well the eye shadow stayed on my eyes without smudging or creasing. It’s easy to apply these glitter eye shadows with a flat eye shadow brush, and Jolie Beauty recommend that if you want to increase the staying power even further then you can try applying some primer underneath but for me I didn’t even need to do that.

Within the Bomb Dot com palette, there are some colours which are a bit more subtle, like the rosy, the blossom, and the golds – although they still have plenty of glitter and sparkle to them to give you a dramatic glittery effect so you will find something to match any of your new season dresses.

Then there are the really bright colours, like the mermaid, amazon or lagoon, which all really stand out with blue and green tones.

With practise, I’m sure these could be used for so many dramatic make up looks – particularly if you are a make up artist. I’m very new to this kind of make up, but had a lot of fun trying out the different colours and effects. I had a look at Jolie Beauty’s instagram page and was so impressed with some of the looks that make up artists have created using these products.

I found that using these glitter eyeshadows did not irritate my eyes at all, and the product was very comfortable to wear even though I have quite sensitive eyes. I was also very impressed with how easy and quick it is to remove the glitter eye shadows. It comes off very cleanly with just a baby wipe or make up wipe, as you can see in the picture below.

Jolie Beauty also have glitter palettes in other colour varieties, as well as selling biodegradable chunky glitters, and glitter fix gel. So if you’re after glitter make up for parties or festivals then Jolie Beauty is definitely a brand that is worth checking out.

The Bomb Dot Com glitter eye shadow palette sells for around RRP 27.99

We were sent the product in order to try out and share our experiences with you. 

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