Accommodation Rental Options You can Try in Camden London

Camden Town in London is one fun place to be, whether you’re there on vacation or for other reasons. There’s so much to see and experience, something we’ve all come to expect from the area known as the world’s Rock and Roll capital for so long.

Beyond that, the place had once been a haven for alternative and punk rock lovers, with its famous Camden market still attracting tourists in their droves even to this day. 

Camden has got what it takes to get you packing your bags and heading over at the next opportunity. However, the visit would be much nicer if you figured out where you’d stay and for how long. 


There are many hotels and apartments from which to choose, but sometimes it gets confusing from your budget standpoint. The fact that you’d also have to figure your way around the town makes the situation more challenging.

While you can search on itineraries online and get insightful guides such as how to get to Camden Market in London by, you must know what apartment rental options you have, and how you can quickly get one.

Below, we’d show you some of the best accommodation rental options you can get in Camden London and share our recommendations on preferences and value.

One-Room “Basic” Apartments

We start with the most affordable apartment types you can get when you’re in Camden. The one-room apartments offer great value if you’re on the trip alone or with one other person at most.

Some of the features you can expect from these apartment types include Bed (Usually King size), ensuite bathroom, and kitchen. You may get conveniences such as TV, laundry facilities, and double-sized beds on request as well.

With a measurement of about 55 sq. meters, most of the listings have room spaces just enough that it doesn’t feel cramped for two people. It’s best to compare multiple one-room basic apartment listings in Camden, as it often depends on how much room services you can get for your budget.

One-Room “Luxury” Apartments

Need some extra comfort and convenience? You can find luxury one-room apartments in Camden as well. Although significantly more expensive than basic one-room options, the luxury apartments offer you more living space and on-demand extra services for the added cost.

The rooms typically measure about 64 sq. meters and are often joined with balconies overlooking the city. You’d get luxury accents everywhere else in the house, like polished oak kitchen surfaces and marble finishes in the decor. The apartments make you feel like you’re in a loft.

Also, the services are extensive, with hotels and hostels aiming to one-up one another with how many you can get from them. Therefore, complimentary Wi-Fi, virtual concierge, and “Welcome Packages” are in order if you settle for a one-room “luxury” apartment.

Two-Bedroom Apartments

You can rent out a two-bedroom apartment if you’d plan to stay in Camden for longer. You get a cozier living area that is also suitable if you’ve got more people on the trip. The rooms tend to have significant modifications compared to one-room options and extra differentiating features as well.

For instance, some hotels have king-sized beds in one room, while the other has twin ones. You’d also get a lounge and a hall at the entrance for a more homely Camden view. 

The layouts have modifications, and you’ve only got to specify. Need a conventional or open-plan kitchen? Fancy a second king-size bed? Most accommodation services would have that sorted for you.

You can also bump things up to the luxury versions if you crave extra comfort. You get bigger rooms – 100 sq. meters instead of 90 sq. meters on the basic two-room apartments. Hotels and hostels would include nice extra touches such as feature mirrors, study desks, and pendant lights. 

Three-Bedroom Apartments

Have a large family and looking to stay for much longer in Camden, London? You could spring for a three-bedroom apartment for enough space to go around. Most options come in the “1 master + 2 Guest” room arrangement, with the larger bedroom having an ensuite bathroom. 

The balcony is much more prominent, and you can find wardrobes in each of the rooms. The extra living space comes to good use if you’re having people over: an open kitchen and a broad balcony make a typical get-together experience much more pleasurable.

Furthermore, hotels and hostels typically offer luxury three-room apartments as their flagship package, so you can select it if you’d instead want the “best of the best” accommodation experience in Camden, London.

The luxury apartments are slightly different from the regular three-bedroom offerings, as they are sometimes split into two floors in the building. You get to have more personalized areas as a result. 

Other Accommodation Tips to Know

Once you’ve settled for the apartment type you wish to get, it’s best to consider the available options and follow the due rental process. 

It’s normal to go through your Camden apartment rental options online as a start. However, your online search should help you narrow down the many listings you find into a handful that you can physically check out.

You need first to consider your budget and the features you can have or let go of at such a price. Also, pay attention to little personal details. For instance, you want to know if the apartments are pet-friendly and how close they are to the places you’d visit or work.

Lastly, you only want to check out only a few apartments physically. Five is the recommended maximum, as any more than that can have you make a hasty decision.

Parting Shot

You deserve to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds in Camden, London, as it is an excellent vacation destination in the UK. From attending various musical gigs to shopping in the famous Camden market, you could be having a great time at the place.

However, getting suitable accommodation makes the experience even more unforgettable. What better way to end a day of sightseeing than with a lovely comfortable apartment? The options mentioned above would guide you to picking the right one for your needs and wants.

You must go through all the necessary processes to complete your rental for the duration you’d be in town. Applications may vary based on the listings, and you may need to check-in for any special offers or discounts they may have.

Lastly, moving in is a straightforward process, and you only need to inform the community office if you’re moving for an extended period. Most of the time, they would help you get settled in quickly and answer your maintenance, utility, and security questions as well.

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