Types of Yellow Diamond Earrings

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By Luciana Oliveira

Earrings are stunning pieces of jewelry that can class up any outfit. If you are on a facetime call, date night, or just going to work – we have the perfect styles for you. 

To find more yellow diamond jewelry, Astteria can help spruce up your collection. 

Different types of Yellow Diamond Earrings

For todays example, we will be using yellow diamond earrings, but all these styles can be used with any color.


Studs are perfect for everyday use. They are generally one diamond and relatively small. These types of earrings are perfect for those who want a splash of yellow to their outfit. 


Stud earrings don’t dangle or drop. They just sit on your ear. This style is considered to be a jewelry piece every woman should own. 

When some males get their ear pierced, studs are the style that is commonly used. 

Clip Ons 

Clip ons can visibly be any style we list today. The way it is put on – makes this earpiece different. Earrings are inserted through a small hole in our ear, but not everyone has pierced ears. 

Clip Ons are for those without pierced ears and can come in any type of earring we have on our list. 


Hoops are round and can also be a big as a bracellete. They are  noticable and quite popular. This is the perfect style for a night out. 


Huggies are a subcategory of hoop earrings. They are small hoops that are a little thicker and can be almost invisible. Yet, they are the perfect piece to add some class to your outfit.

It is essential to know that Huggies almost make a complete circle. Think of the standard hoop earrings. They connect to the back of the earpiece. The same goes for Huggies, except you almost can’t see the bar that goes into your ear.

Thus they “hug” your ear.


J-hoops have a similar design to hoop earrings, except they do not complete a circle. Instead, they make a j shape coming out of your ear and stopping behind your ear.

J-hoops tend to be as thick as Huggies but don’t connect to the back of the earpiece. 


Dangles and drops are often mistaken for one another. The best way to think of it is that a dangle can drop, but a drop can not be a dangle.

Dangle earrings tend to be a bit long or long compared to drops. They can even reach your shoulder at times.


Drop earrings do not move unless the whole earring moves together. Drop earrings drop just below the earlobe and are generally stationary. 

They may have slight movement but not as much as dangle earrings. Drop earrings are perfect for grabbing a bit more attention but still subtle. 

For yellow diamond earrings, you may find pear shape drops. The pear shape is standard with diamond drop earrings. 


Chandelier earrings are more extravagant earpieces. They can have a shape of a chandelier that you might see on the ceiling. You instantly notice the beautiful jewels. 

These earrings are perfect for more extravagant occasions.

Day & Night

Day &  Night earrings have different names, but essentially they can be worn differently. You can consider this earpiece to be a two-set. 

One way can be worn during the day and the other at night. For example, you have a stunning yellow diamond stud for the day. 

Then add a white diamond ring around your stud for the nighttime. You can wear it vice versa but the more bare or simple earring is worn during the day. 

Final thoughts

Overall these earring styles can be with any color diamonds. We like the yellow diamond specifically because they are a beautiful color for any occasion. 

To find the perfect yellow diamond earring for you, you can visit Astteria to find multiple yellow diamond jewelry.



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