A New Tool To Improve Covid-19 Outcomes And Your Fitness

As we now start to head to the end of 2021 and so much has happened around the Covid pandemic, we can finally see a sign of hope and normality. It has been really tough to see our lives turned upside down the past year and a half but things are definitely improving.

Covid 19 can lead to serious complications, hospitalization, and even death, so it’s important to recover quickly after contracting the virus.  Symptoms  can include fever, severe headache, sore throat, cough, muscle aches, and extreme fatigue. There are many ways to speed up recovery time and reduce severity of symptoms.

The best way to speed up your recovery is by getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of fluids. However, there are some other things that can help you with this as well. In this article we will talk a bit about Inspiratory Muscle training (IMT). This new treatment has been recently recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a great tool in COVID-19 recovery!


POWERbreathe IMT is in use the world over: by athletes for improving performance; by respiratory therapists for pre and post-operative training; in pulmonary rehab for ensuring patients make the most of their lung function; in ICU to help wean patients off ventilators; and most recently in COVID-19 recovery, with the World Health Organisation referencing POWERbreathe IMT as a tool to improve COVID-19 health outcomes.

The Powerbreathe breathing trainer receives approval for prescription in the UK by the NHS after rigorous assessment for clinical evidence, patient compliance and financial savings. The assessment finds it offers an evidence-based, drug-free treatment for patients with dyspnoea, especially those with asthma, COPD and heart failure.

As many COVID patients suffer with breathing problems, possibly leading to a stay in ICU and on a ventilator, existing research is being drawn upon to prevent at-risk patients becoming susceptible in the first place. It suggests that RMT could help to speed up recovery and consequently discharge home.


Although patients recovering from COVID are likely to experience extreme respiratory muscle weakness, this low baseline means that they are also likely to receive the greatest benefit from respiratory muscle training (RMT), such as with POWERbreathe IMT.

Patients recovering from COVID who’s symptoms persist for months after they’re clear of the infection, are known as having ‘long COVID’ or ‘post-COVID-19 syndrome’. They often experience extreme shortness of breath and researchers believe a key contributing factor may be diaphragm muscle dysfunction. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that training the diaphragm to become stronger and less prone to fatigue may be beneficial.

POWERbreathe IMT targets your main breathing muscle, the diaphragm. It uses the principles of resistance training to improve the strength and stamina of your inspiratory muscles, reducing fatigue. This is why it is often referred to as the ‘dumbbell for your diaphragm’. It is drug-free, scientifically-proven and has no side effects or drug interactions. And because the cardiovascular strain of POWERbreathe IMT is very low, it’s suitable for even the most physically compromised patients.

Furthermore, a recommendation from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for COVID recovery in the clinical management of COVID includes increasing exercise and fitness with Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT), specifically mentioning POWERbreathe.



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