3 Ways to Creatively Use Photo Prints at Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party

First birthday parties are special occasions that you want to make sure will go off without a hitch. While your child may not remember a great deal about their first birthday, you, your friends, and family members will remember it fondly.

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that to make their child’s first birthday party one to remember, they need to spend lots of money. But by adding some personal touches, such as your own photo prints, you can make their first birthday the most memorable and create memories that will last for years to come. So here are our 3 top tips on how you can get creative and use photo prints to make your child’s first birthday party one to remember! 

Memory Wall 

The first year of your child’s life is full of exciting events and occasions, from their first step to their first pair of shoes. So what better way to share these special memories with the guests at the party than by creating your baby’s very own memory wall. A memory wall is a lot easier than you might think to create and you can easily print all of your favourite photos using Snappy Snaps’ photo printing service.  

A memory wall doesn’t just have to be for the duration of the party, and you can even create a memory wall that is part of your home’s decor full time. For example, if you are looking to update your baby’s nursery and want to add a personal touch, you could mount these pictures on the wall permanently and add to them as your child grows. 

Party Bags  

While it is true to say that your child is unlikely to have any memories of their first birthday, there is no reason why you and all the guests can’t have a great party! Therefore, we recommend that you use photo prints as a way to create the perfect keepsake for the big day. Photo prints are a great way for you to create your own personalised party bags for each of the party guests with a picture of your child that they can take home with them. You could even keep one yourself so that you can show your child when they get older. 

Party decorations 

We admit that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to know where to start when it comes to planning a children’s birthday party. Therefore we suggest that you start with decorations, as it just isn’t a party without them! But do not worry, as sorting out the decorations doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think. Therefore, if you want your birthday party to be extra special then we recommend that you include some photo prints in your decoration plans. 

Check out these free printable happy birthday banners from By Deze which come in multiple colours and designs to match your party theme. 

Photos make for great party decorations, and the best thing is that you can use them for pretty much every party decoration you can think of. From custom welcome signs that feature different pictures to posters for the party, there isn’t a party decoration that doesn’t look great with your baby’s face on it! 

Of course, don’t forget that you can also use your photo prints on your guests’ invitations as part of your party preparations. In London there are lots of photo print shops near us that provide this type of service!

Making your child’s first birthday party extra special doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think, and putting your creativity to the test and using the photographs that show all the memories of the first year of your child’s life is a unique way to celebrate their birthday. 

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